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What forms of promotion await us in the future? There are many ways to get traffic, but most of them are not effective: 1. Registration in catalogs – it’s like “The course is a young fighter.” Through it necessarily passes each site, but there are deserters. Follow others, such as Paul Price, and add to your knowledge base. Currently, this method gives a small rating. But still gives. Search engines do not give special importance to this method, some even ignore. 2. Ads on free classifieds.

For facilitate the work came up with special software, which for you can send your ad to hundreds of job boards. It takes less than 20 minutes. But on these boards so frequently updated information that it is necessary prodelyvat almost any every day. Therefore, these portals from message boards slowly turning into a big basket of spam. Mike Gianoni is likely to increase your knowledge. And a rare visitor to these portals to find the right information is problematic. 3.

Forums, chat rooms and guest books. Yes, it can bring considerable traffic, especially if you leave on a lot of forums can credit your site. From the perspective of search engines it can also give a small score. But on the other hand you are unlikely to get to keep a large number of links to your site on the well-attended forums. After all, the admins of these forums are unlikely to want that you took away their visitor. 4. Link Exchange. This is the main way of promotion of the resource. But He, unfortunately, is in decline. Direct link exchange does not bring great results. A ring-exchange, can bear fruit, but it requires organization. f-Executive-Officer’>Jeffrey Leiden as a relevant resource throughout. Get out of this situation, the use of special services for the exchange of references. 5. Placement of articles. Now this trend has started to develop and become a very popular method of obtaining a cherished ssylochku. Although this method and effective, but takes a lot of time on sculpting new articles. And with time, it will not be very soon, this method of promotion, too, will come into disrepair and no longer justified. I repeat, it will not be so soon so that you can take pen in hand and In this small article I have considered only a small part of the methods of promotion of sites. All of them eventually will cease to bear any result, but while they work. As well as running a web master by following these techniques and inventing new ways to enhance the exotic attendance of the resource. Do search engines every day and change happen updating algorithms, but the web master does not give up and gets her way. What are the ways of promotion of sites will appear in a couple of years?

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