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Electric brake: Consists of a locking of the motor by means of a spring mechanism and when the engine is stopped, the shutter is blocked at the point where it is either up, down, or in any part of your travel vertical. It takes a remote control with cable from brake release to be able to move against eventualities such as lack of electricity supply or fault. Advantages of electric brake: Does not need additional locking components to close the roller shutter (lock safety, central lock with side rods etc.) They can of course be placed, and reinforce security is never over, but they are not essential. Won’t have to crouch to open closures (if it has them) since the brake is the security of the closure. Disadvantages of the electrobrake: Where you don’t have another alternative input, you must necessarily install an exterior locker closed and locked on the facade where the brake unlocking knob will be placed inside. This involves, on the one hand a small work that may affect the aesthetics of the facade and the most important thing there is an element of easy handling which can be unlocked without problems the engine to lift the blinds with impunity in the case of access.

For this last reason mainly, We advise against the brake in the case of a single access to a local blind. Although of course can be installed without any problem. The installation of an engine is a clean work, since it does not require any work. We can adapt to your schedule and must take into account that the roller shutter to be automated must remain closed for a period of two to three hours (sometimes less) for its installation, so if you only have access and is a restaurant open to the public must taken into account this circumstance in carrying it out. We hope that this information has been able to be of help. Of course you can ask any questions or tell us about problem that has through our web form or at the e-mail address where we will be happy to clarify its questions. Vicente Vidal of the technical team of locksmith U-24. tel. 902 180 327 Original author and source of the article

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