Writing Effective Warnings

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Write an ad is one of the more complex but more significant work in what makes web promotion with a view to increasing sales. It’s amazing how there’s so much at stake in such small characters. It is like trying to synthesize the essence of more sophisticated perfume, in a small bottle which must be room for each and every one of notes that comprise it. One of the most paradigmatic formats is advertising on Google, product called Google Adwords. We take this format because it is the most used by advertisers, and also the notions that give shape to this type of advertising can be applied to the rest of the proposals for PPC (pay per click) campaigns.

In particular, Adwords campaigns offer the possibility of including 4 lines: header, in which enter 25 characters, including spaces between words, and where is the link that will guide you to the advertiser’s site. The second and third lines include 35 characters each one and finally a visible, although not clickeable url. It is clear then that the header It is one of the most significant elements. It is a fact that users will read five times more than the rest of the reminder header. Consequently, if your header will not pick up the desired attention, you will be wasting 90% of the advertising budget. Four Elemental components must have the advertising headings: attract the attention and interest of the user, and generate wish which followed by action, which is ultimately what we want to achieve. If we missed any of these four components, it will be very difficult to get the desired result of our advertising campaigns. One of the most effective ways of attracting the attention of the customer is verbatim repeat the words of the search for the customer.

In the Adwords this is possible if we decided to integrate the dynamic keywords in the text of the notice. With this feature it will be possible to repeat the textual user query, i.e. the searched text is automatically displayed as the header of our Adwords. Some words are of proven efficiency in attracting the consumers attention and increase sales by internet: discovery, easy, free, free, secret, incredible, quick, results, discount. It is desirable, therefore, include any or many of these words within the wording of the notice. Offer reasons, a distinct value that determines that the user plays in your link. Distinguish itself from its competitors. Make an offer that may not be rejected, or at least awaken much curiosity in the users which is carried directly click on the link. With what they discover, i.e. with our landing page, is also subject to consider when looking for effective advertising campaigns. If you liked this article and want to place it on your site, you can do so smoothly, provided you cite as a source to

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