Looking For Fun

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The Costa Dorada, is already since the last decades an internationally known destination, where lovers of the Sun and the beach, you can combine your vacation with theme park by excellence in the area, Port Aventura. Park, year after year, is expanding its facilities, and currently has already created a brand associated with the well-known fun that complements the tourism of Sun and beach. The Park has not been only with the value of the fun, currently already has four hotels in Port Aventura associated with tranquility and well-being that complement this fun offering. And is to visit the Costa Dorada, means also to spend a few days in the Park, consisting of Port Aventura and Aquatic adventure, opened recently. Regardless how, Park has become a landmark of the area, and we can indicate that thanks to its hotels, already is this turning by itself itself in a small destination within Costa Dorada tourist brand. The challenge for the future will be know to grow sustainably, to which the tourist brand and the same Park, exploited the synergies that develop these great poles of tourist attraction. Original author and source of the article

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