Near Field Communication

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Investing in online will mean also investing in mobile. -Geolocation and augmented reality (AR): geolocation allows you to operate with the exact location of the user and further personalize communications. Augmented reality will allow adding extra layers of information to what the consumer displays. Interactivity thus reaches a new level. -Mobile payment: If there is a unique feature in the mobile, that makes it the device better suited for e-commerce, is the existence of different payment gateways faster and more integrated. It is a feature that can be implemented practically in any mobile strategy and is based on the agility of the device.

-NFC: Near Field Communication, synonymous with use of the phone as a credit card when you contact a specific reader. There are many expectations placed on this technology and the market assumes that it will be a small revolution, but it will oblige the user to acquire new specific handsets, leaving the question of what percentage of the mobile Park will have NFC at the end of the year. -BIDI or QR, two-dimensional codes: 9 of every 10 users would go to the web site of a brand that interests them when they see an impact of that brand in outdoor advertising. Forcing users to type a web address in the mobile means losing many along the way. The BIDI is easy, fast, intuitive, simple and interactive, known for 64% of mobile users. -Apps integrated into the digital strategy: applications must be part of the digital strategy of a brand, be an extra window of contact with its customers.

Develop independent apps, isolated from the comprehensive strategy, as whim or toy brand, will be little relevant results. Only 11% of the apps are downloaded by advertising, versus 67% of magazines or websites, which indicates that there is room for improvement – content: new business models: falling the classic model of payment shock and reach new business models. The model of user consumption has changed with streaming, with the free content supported by advertising, with the digital convergence or P2P, to give some examples. New actors, burst (Apple fights for the rights of the English Premiere League); others will have to redefine. They arrive and will arrive to the market new business models to be followed carefully. -Privacy: The advance of new technologies, the concentration of digital actors and questionable ethics of certain services may give a negative view on the future of the privacy of the user. However, the rise of advertising as an economic engine for mobile services is forcing a transparency as never before had.

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