Day 1. Lima – Cuzco

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Friday, 31 – October – 2008 My flight leaves Lima at 14:45 … I will be arriving about 17:00 to Cuzco .. . Walter waiting for me at the airport … he has gone by land … almost 24 hours of bus .. . The rustic hotel … … as defined by Walter is a disaster … the ceiling stains have nothing to envy in the faces of Belmez jeje … but hey, we can not ask for much … cost us the equivalent of 5 euros for two people … The faces in our room Belmez Cuzco Let’s take a vueltilla before leaving “spree” at night … we ran into the walls of Acllahuasi (home of the Chosen Women), where they lived Inca Virgins of the Sun and that after the conquest, became part the convent of Santa Catalina and closing housed nuns … Acllahuasi Walls (house of the Chosen Women) It’s Halloween … the children are dressed in the street, asking for candy … we reached the main square is full of people … … the temperature is pleasant to stroll … with a little luck, if does not rain tomorrow we can hire a tour to make the route of the Inca ..

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