Matron: The Best Help In New Mexico Pregnancy JA

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Probably you need to ask yourself if you already have a matron gynecologist. However, this professional has an irreplaceable role in pregnancy and childbirth will be your best help when your baby is born … During pregnancy the midwife will support and friend with whom to share this experience. But it will also be an educator who provides information and advice on pregnancy outcome and infant development of the future will take care also the mood of expectant parents, and promotes the link between them and their unborn child from the start. Besides a professional attention to these symptoms and signs that may indicate that something is not as good as expected, leading to the woman’s physician and obstetrician for evaluation. We offer basic facts about what midwives do: FIRST AND SECOND MONTH: The midwife is on hand to advise women on the start of good habits, and provide care and remedies on the nuisance of the first quarter, advising when to go to the hospital according to symptoms. It also tells you about the tests that will be asked in the first half of pregnancy. THIRD MONTH: Emphasizes care of women and informs the development of the unborn baby. Guide parents in the course of pregnancy through a physical and psychological. FOURTH MONTH: The midwife provides advice on further tests to ascertain the progress of a healthy pregnancy. Take care and attends the fears and anxieties of prospective parents. FIFTH MONTH: The midwife makes a new control to the pregnant woman (weight, blood, abdominal circumference, detection of fetal heartbeat … ..), comments, and on other occasions, how are women and instructs both expectant parents on fetal growth and development of the senses. SIXTH MONTH: After controlling for pregnancy, the midwife teaches expectant parents to communicate with the baby in the womb. SEVENTH MONTH: After the control of pregnancy, the midwife is the discomfort with women in the third quarter, answer the questions of the couple should start attending nursery education courses. EIGHTH MONTH: The midwife monitors the progress of pregnancy, recent guidance on prenatal and warns about going home preparing for the arrival of new member. NINTH MONTH: Matron spoke with the couple about the inconvenience of women before the onset of labor, the fear of it and doubt about this. This month is celebrated as the longest. The midwife monitors the progress of pregnancy and the couple reminds you health checks of the newborn and mother after delivery. It’s time to pay more attention to the attitude and emotional state of the two future parents.

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