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Last Friday funds went to see panic in the markets, such as Citibank shares fall reaching 36 at the prospect of a nationalization presumably minimize its securities. And as has been happening since the beginning of this bearish trend on Monday, is due to bounce back to expectations of a new intervention with public money on the bank. But this time the rebound hard and just a investment management few hours if the U.S. were on Monday minimos twelve years were in Europe on investment portfolio Tuesday and Wednesday-of-six, highlighting once again the collapse of the banking sector and outside the bag, the maximum of the CDS (coverage against default risk) of countries in the size of the U.S. or Germany, as well as many emerging markets. Good. I have noticed that there are not many articles in economics at the Wikipedia (and the majority of which there are not a lot). I propose the creation Wikiproject Economics because I think it is a relevant issue. Could be divided into several sections:
Companies: There is very little info Spanish companies, investment some such as Santander, BBVA, Iberdrola and Arcelor. We could focus first on the Asset Management biggest and best known, namely those public companies listed fund management on the Ibex 35, the CAC 40, Dow Jones, etc.. (not to focus only on domestic companies). Also add the traditional pictures on the right to relevant information and at the bottom of the listing companies Ibex and such. In this sense, the English Wikipedia is very good, but does not have much information on Spanish companies.
Personalities: People of World Economy and relevant Pedro Solbes, Emilio Boton, NYSE chairman of the ECB (not remember the name) and so on.
Terms: terms hedge funds of economies which are important as OPA, OPV, inflation / deflation, etc..
What do you think ‘I have not reviewed all hedge funds of the articles of economics course, as well as some who are fairly complete. The whole thing would be to organize a little better. I have looked in the Wikiproject and I have not seen any on this subject.
If you have any suggestions or tell something. If at the end we decided a little help would not bad, not as a Wikiproject or investors if you have to approve someone or something (I started yesterday xD).
Greetings. Nida 08:14 1 may 2006 (CEST)
I am also aware of the lack of this encliclopedia with respect to the economy. The truth is that a matter is a little heavy and not very pleasant at the time of writing about it, why are there so little participation. I would be willing to collaborate on economic issues, since I have some notions about the economy and business marketing. The Only question is starting to move a few wires family of funds to see if we can find people willing to collaborate. Best regards, – Maximo Montemar Discussion 03:10 7 may 2006 (CEST)
Good, I too think stocks it is a good idea to do this project on economics, race and uqe is I’m doing and the truth is that if you find very little about issues concerning the economy in all its aspects. If you start with this initiative I would like to participate in it that I see that it is helpful to many people everyday things that interest you but they do not understand many of the economic terms that are commonly used.
I think a good idea. Count on me if you are lacking support. – Next. Xv (message here) 15:52 25 may 2006 (CEST)

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