Who is Creative?

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I must admit I find the excellent point that gives Sports Bar on the idea when we should ask ourselves who are the creative made the announcement. It puts two examples very valid one hand, the renamed of frozen chicken croquettes Ferran Adrià, for the purchase or establishing that as the famous chef will be good (if frozen), and a new ad, ? Heroes?, The IOC over the next JJOO Beijing and its slogan? The Best of Us?. It’s starring Federer, Gebressalasie, Manaudou, Yao Ming, Isinbayeva, etc.? Likely heroes of the next JJOO, and is so good, it is natural that we ask ourselves at seeing who is behind the ad. They will be nuances, or touching noses, never mind, but I think it’s a good way to differentiate when we see a good announcement that another is not.

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