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If the word fashion last year was Twitter, this year, for the moment, is being lifestreaming, sites that allow gather all the information of what we do on the network, of which the best known is FriendFeed.

That Facebook would implement something related lifestreaming was coming from afar and, indeed, it has been. For now so low, few services implemented, but starting with the advantage of being an increasingly used and known to people? To walk?.
The services that we import our mini news stories are Picasa, Yelp, and Flickr, and do it is as simple as entering our user name in those facilities. But let’s see him carefully.
To import data to our mini news we will profile our Facebook and at the top, we select the Import option, which will show us a window with the different things we can import.

Here, we select a service, and we ask the user name we use it. Only we must enter and Facebook will show us the latest updates we have done there, either upload photos to Flickr or send links to Delicious.

Since then, in our news feed will these updates, and so will that of our contacts, one of the points that I think are problematic in this system.
Because Facebook starts a bit saturated. Either we are all day or above theirs, which have few contacts, recent news begin to lose right away. If we add to this that begins to appear activity contacts on external sites, things worse.

Anyway, this is not a problem only Facebook, but of all the sites that allow lifestreaming add contacts, and today is that the network activity is very high and follow everything they do all our contacts may result exhausting.
At least, Facebook, we have a system that allows you to choose the type of stories that we see most often and which less, which, theoretically, will allow us to remove from our list of the news that our contacts imported from elsewhere, although may not be implemented , because I have not succeeded.
Should they worry about this new functionality other sites lifestreaming? Not at this time, like Flickr should not worry because Facebook allows upload photos, or because Twitter allow write our state. There will be people who will use it, but for intensive use of such services will be sought specific application that offers the best options.
In the future will add more sites to import, including Digg and other unspecified.

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