The NBA Promotes the Playoffs: There Can Only Be One

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The April 19 start of the NBA playoffs, and the league itself is already moving their promotions on the matter, with several of the stars that will dispute this second phase (including Gasol with options serious fight for the ring). Returning to viral have launched, with some of the videos that we hung on the continuation of the entry, have left the image into two, and have joined the side two stars of the league, saying the same message, without changing one iota the idea of the epic with the NBA playoffs equates his. Import the message they want to convey, but not only that, since they have successful couples who behave in the image, except Shaq, all aspiring MVP of the league, between the advertisements that have been able to see that there are still a handful of come to light (I have not yet seen the Ginobili, neither Parker, who took part in the recording). In the meantime, we have an idea of how was making off of the same in the next video, and with respect to the slogan? There Can Only Be One?, Reminds me of a famous film with music by Queen, which in effect only could be one. Film and sports are always united by the hand.
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