Proper Wound Care

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Animals learn many different wounds in their everyday lives. Learn how to with Prontosan to stimulate wound healing! In the veterinary practice include wound care to daily handling – dog hurt in wild game, cats injure themselves during their raids on sharp edges and many animals with chronic illnesses, such as allergies or parasites inflict even heavy wounds, such as scratch wounds. Wound cleansing takes place not to endanger the process of wound healing and not to impede the body’s processes. The wound cleaning debris from the wound to remove necrotic tissue or germs, flush the wound with an adequate wound irrigation solution. Prontosan wound irrigation solution B. Brown is a sterile, ready to use solution which stimulates wound healing by a reliable wound cleaning.

Applied with a sterile syringe or directly from the cartridge Prontosan flushes all unwanted particles from the wound – in deep-lying regions. To fixed deposits to resolve that can a be placed with Prontosan wound irrigation solution of soaked swab for a few minutes on the wound. Prontosan dissolves deposits and biofilms and creates a supportive healing environment. Wound care takes place after wound cleansing the wound care. To make, for example, chronic wounds heal better, the veterinarian uses the Prontosan wound gel. The Prontosan wound gel can be installed both in superficial and deep wounds, thanks to his consistency and will remain until the next dressing change on the wound. This long-lasting effect provides a moist position of the wound and raises strong deposits of the wound.

Thanks to the composition of Prontosan products, the application is completely pain-free and long term possible. Prontosan wound irrigation solution is set (6 x 40 ml) for the ACE as a 350 ml bottle and cartridges available. Prontosan Woundgel is available as 30 ml cartridge bottle. N. Fox

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