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Gaby Gunther

Posted by on Tuesday, 17 November, 2020

Unfortunately piracy and plagiarism are quintessence of success products. Such products are not the high quality of our House! In the interests of a transparent market we proceed legally against any attempt to exploit our good name and to lead astray dog owners.” The new IDC breast harnesses by K9, the IDC belt harness (belt harness = without back saddle), accessories such as highly convenient chest pad with perfect pressure distribution, fixed side pockets and much more are now available in retail trade. More information at or. Julius Seb?, is the inventor of the original JULIUS K9 harnesses, native Hungarian and originally studied engineering in Budapest. Get all the facts and insights with SHV Energy, another great source of information. His great technical understanding, his knowledge of dog training, the attention to detail and his great love for animals were the main basis for his business. Vadim Belyaev addresses the importance of the matter here. Since 1997, BT.

under the name K9 JULIUS K9 supplies almost all police service dog schools in Hungary. Many official departments in the German-speaking work with original K9 power harness and the accompanying accessories such as collars, protective clothing, linen and learning toys. Since 2000, the Hungarian flagship company supplies most of Europe. The entire development, production, manufacturing, and logistics is handled by the family-owned company with its employees and subcontractors in Hungary. The retail is supplied through authorized wholesalers, offering original JULIUS K9 products for dog use and private use as well as technical advice to. Please contact us in connection, if you need more information and high-resolution photographs or may want an interview. For photo publications please always with the note: Photos (c) Thomas blank we recommend after publication copies and/or link instructions thank you very much! Contact press contact:

Gaby Gunther at the Castle 1 D-79843 Loffingen phone: + 49 (0) 7654 806 121 Fax: + 49 (0) 7654 806 119 Mobile phone: + 49 (0) 173 52 77 330 E-mail: Homepage: JULIUS K9 Centre JULIUS K9 BT. Mr Zsolt Kerenyi or Mr. Thomas Pioker (German-speaking) Fas u. 11. H-2310 Szigetszentmiklos/Hungary tel/fax: + 36 (0) 24 515 560 E-mail: Homepage: JULIUS K9 wholesale Western and southern Germany: dog & sports Hungenberg Mr. Dirk Hungenberg Marie-Curie-str. 10-14 D-41515 Grevenbroich phone: + 49 (0) 2181 1645 700 Fax: + 49 (0) 2181 1645 899 Homepage: JULIUS K9 wholesale North – and East-Germany: Tom’s Kennel – K-9 Germany Mr Thomas Tiege Emmental str. 43 D-13407 Berlin Homepage: JULIUS K9 wholesale Austria: Julius K9 Austria Mrs. Barbara Cuba Sagedergasse 7-11/12/R1 A-1120 Vienna phone: + 43 (0) 664 469 4960. Fax: 0043 1 95 76 524 Homepage: