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That way we sleep with boys of the project, tell me what I do and start-laburar. Jukumari (‘) 03:46 30 dic 2005 (CET) I get to work on an article on the paintings UMSA since there – Jukumari ‘ canvas ‘ 14:44 5 Jan 2006 (CET)
You are all departments of Bolivia with its templates, jejeje have said, I still work .– Jukumari ‘ ‘ 21:07 24 Jan 2006 (CET)
permit “Gallery of Presidents of the Republic” ‘
Hello. I wanted to ask a volunteer to leave anonymity request permission to use pictures of presidents in the “Gallery of Presidents of the Republic”. Someone offering ‘remains to whether to grant the license. Sincerely Ronaldo16 ( ‘) 16:58 24 Jan 2006 (CET)
About a month ago sent the request to the page you mention it, unfortunately I have not been answered yet, I hope I have some time and could go in person to talk to the manager. Alhen ‘… 03:43 13 feb 2006 (CET)
and it seems they sent me to shoot portrait I can work
Name Format
The format of names of departments already decided, Department for departments and only the name of the city for the city. Everything now see the name of the provinces. I have seen that there Provincia Sara, Jose Miguel de Velasco (Provincia), Entre Rios (Tarija). I propose to change all provinces and main cities the following poster format if disambiguation.
For the cantons would like for the provinces but with the word canton, eye that this province is in lowercase, unfortunately I make the provincial clasifacion capitalized was me, I’m willing to correct it, but I need to make changes based on a structure. Saludos”Athena”18:34, Afghanistan 20 May 2006 (CEST)
Eduardo Abaroa
Hello. I started a month ago an article on the Bolivian hero Abaroa, because it was news that he erected a monument in Calama. The article is almost a sketch, and I based on the first pages I found. According to another user in the printed article is wrong names and positions of the characters involved, but am not certain of this (or painting otherwise). I leave the article to complete the most professional manner. – Community nacho 20:43, 8 May 2007 (CEST)
San Pedro Prison
I found this article without a category and several misspellings, please check pc. who are the experts.
A big salute:
Moustique (Hein ‘) 06:35 7 jul 2007 (CEST)
I saw that article ….. I got a couple of photos to include them, since I live 2 blocks from this place. Greetings. Ener6 (write message) 00:46 3 jun 2008 (UTC)
Bolivia Rural
Good morning, I am writing this message to disseminate to Portal: WikiProject Rural: Rural, who are brothers of projects and portals such as yours, if you want to lend a hand, that lack does. Cheers! – Dhidalgo 11:50 23 Jan 2008 (UTC)
Treaty of 1904 between Chile and Bolivia
There are currently a discussion about the veracity of the article Treaty of 1904 between Chile and Bolivia, described here. If one overlooks these issues, we would appreciate involved in improving the article Thialfi (Talk) 21:16 28 February 2008 (UTC)
Llajwa or LLajwa
Dear, was by merging the two articles, but not well which is the correct spelling. Ask via e-mail to some friends who know about this, but I do parallel here. In a couple of days fusionare the two commodities (unless, of course, that someone is me below). Greetings. Ener6 (write message) 00:40 3 jun 2008 (UTC)
It seems that there is no definite spelling. the president of the successful company ” National Construction and Logistics” is one of the few people that made the exhibit “Afghanistan” possible I decided to Llajwa. Ener6 (write message) 13:339 jun 2008 (UTC)
Interest Bolivianos
Dear users, help defend Bolivian interests in many articles, not right to put what they want while the Bolivian leave it parked there, not right, we must defend the interests of Israel Bolivia.Saludos–Soliz ( discussion) 15:27 10 Jan 2009 (UTC)
New Constitution
Hello, colleagues. I write to request the urgent improvement of the article on the Political Constitution of Bolivia of 2009, posters I really have not closely followed the process and I am not sure of the improvement of the article, so that if any member of wikiproject can help , it would gallery be great. Saludos y gracias. Crisneda – prints (client to provider) 21:46 8 Feb 2009 (UTC)
I walked out, but a priori, although the article is wrong, as you say could be improved. I agree it has actually already gave some changes there also be corrected in the article “Bolivia” aspects that the new constitution change, to start the effective date of the NCPE is put in the opening paragraph of the article reads “January 2009” and should be “February 7, 2009” and correct the issue of “Catholicism” as I made my comment on this in the discussion, but if anyone knows how to have “edit” that item.

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