True Prayer, True Power!

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by Charles Haddon Spurgeon At Exeter Hall, Strand, London. “Therefore I tell you all the things you pray and ask, believe that ye received, and you will be granted.” Mark 11: 24 (King James) This verse has something to do with the faith of miracles, but I think it has much more to do with the miracle of faith. Anyway, let’s consider it in that light. I think that this text is the heritage not only of the apostles, but of all those who walk in faith of the apostles, believing in the promises of Jesus Christ. That advice given by Christ to the twelve and his immediate followers, the Word of God repeats it to us on this day. We receive constant grace to obey.”All the things you pray and ask, believe that ye received, and you will be granted.” Many people are complaining because they do not enjoy prayer. Do not neglect it, for they dare not do it, but the neglect if they could dare, as they are very far to find any pleasure in it. And, would not be regretted that the coach sometimes losing its wheels and heavily lead us along our prayers We spent the time scheduled, but we again stand up, without relief, like a man who has been lying in bed, but he has not slept enough to fully recover their strength. When the time comes again to pray, our conscience to kneel again, but we have a sweet communion with God. We do not present our needs with the firm conviction that he will cover them.After muttering once again our usual round of expressions, we stand perhaps more troubled in conscience and most distressed in mind, what we were before. I think there are many Christians who have this complaint: who pray, not so much because it is blessed to be allowed to approach God, but because they must pray, because it is their duty, because they feel that if they did not, they would lose one of the evidences certain of their status as Christians. Brothers, I do not condemn them, but at the same time, if it could be the instrument they are lifted so low that state of grace and bring them to a higher atmosphere and healthy, my soul would enjoy the highest degree.If I could teach them a more excellent way, if they could take to prayer, from now onwards, in his element, as one of the most delightful exercises in their life if they happen to value the food more than necessary, and consider it as a of the greatest luxuries of heaven, would certainly have met a great mission, and you have to give thanks to God for a great blessing. Then, Lend me your attention while I ask, first, to look to the text, and secondly, to look around and then you look above you. I. First, CHECK OUT THE TEXT. If you look carefully, I think they will receive the essential qualities that are necessary so that the sentence be greatly successful and prevalent. According to his description of the prayer our Savior, always has to have some goals that we defined by begging.He speaks of things: “All the things you pray and ask Him.” It seems, then, that he had not the sons of God came to Him in prayer, when they have nothing to pedir.Otro prerequisite of prayer is a longing, for the Master assumed here that when we pray we have desires. Certainly the external or the bare bones would not be a sentence, but only something like a prayer. But it is the living activity, the activity that prevails throughout, powerful activity called prayer, unless there is a fullness and an overflow of desires.

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