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The term is sometimes used in reference to the belief held by some Christians that God heals people through the power of the Holy Spirit, often through the imposition of hands. People who share this belief do not usually use the term “healing through faith” in reference to this healing practice, descriptive term used most often by commentators outside the faith movement to refer to both the belief and practices of these groups. Healing through faith is often described by Catholics as the result of intercessory prayer to a saint or a person with the gift of healing. An example of a person who is said to have such a gift is Brother Andre of the Congregation of the Holy Cross Fathers. The Catholic Church requires one or two verifiable miracles to perform the canonization of a saint, as appropriate. This is in most cases of healing through faith allegedly resulting from the intercession of the person.Many who seek healing through faith do if suffering from some incurable disease. However, there are groups who believe in healing through faith as the main (if not the only) remedy for any health problem. The predominant view among the defenders of healing through faith is that medical treatment should be sought whenever necessary, and that the two are not incompatible (believing that God can heal both supernaturally and by modern medical methods). However, there is an extreme view which claims to seek medical treat me is a “lack of faith” in divine healing. The term “healing through faith” is occasionally used in connection with Christian Science, but his supporters maintain that their healing practices are methodical and do not rely solely on faith, but also a deep understanding of the laws of God.Some practitioners like William Baldwin and Ken Page methods have been introduced that were originally Christians shamanic tools to work with clients regardless of their beliefs or background. Many consider Richard Rossi one of the most credible of healing through faith because of their willingness to submit all their cures to medical testing.

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