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Major Sheppard and Teyla go on board a jumper to the mainland, where they encounter a storm front that spans the horizon surprisingly. Looking for better analysis, carry the Brincacharcos into space, where they discover that the storm, they fill 20 of the area, goes to Atlantis and Athosiano continent. Back in the city, McKay and Zelenka Doctors report that this weather pattern is due to two storms that are currently converging and combining their power. Without enough energy to activate the shield, Atlantis is at the mercy of the storm, whose winds caused massive structural damage, water may very well end up sinking the city. It is estimated that in twelve hours the storm front reached Atlantis. Weir Sheppard commands go with Lt. Ford to seek a world where the expion will allow to stay for two days. They then travel to Manara, where they meet a man named Smeadon, who manages to convince you receive them.However, as soon as you leave, takes a Smeadon Genii communicator and prepares you send a message to Cowen. Meanwhile, McKay and Zelenka believe they have a plan and present it to Weir. Atlantis has many lightning channeled to four ground stations. Usually when a lightning strikes the city is channeled back into the ocean through the seasons. If the bars are incapable of lightning energy could be channeled to activate the shield for a while. However, evacuation should take place because the rays pass through the aisles, the latter being made of a superconducting material. Only the control room will be secure. If all goes well, Atlantis will survive. Meanwhile, a man helpless against three Genii facing armed with sticks, among these, Sora. She left as a last stand after being defeated their peers, but is finally incapacitated by this man who is soon found by another soldier who arrives at that moment, as the Commander Kolya. The Genni Cowen advised that calls it.This tells Kolya on early evacuation of Atlantis, and asks if he is ready to lead a strike force to take the city, once it is empty. Meanwhile, on the continent, Teyla, Ford and Beckett await the arrival of a group of hunting Athosiano. With Atlantis and released (except for 2 soldiers and equipment control) has joined the Athosianos other staff expionary Ma aria. Smeadon dinner with a Athosian, getting drunk enough that it is only for Sora and Kolya will remove their IDC, and eventually give them the code to lower the shield that protects the Portal of Atlantis. Meanwhile, the Atlantis team is split command ground stations to shut down. Rodney is responsible for the station one, Weir of the two, and Sheppard of three and four. While Sheppard off his first season, the soldiers who guard the room reported to Weir Site coming with a group of Ma aria Athosianos wounded. With IDC Athosiano they lower the shield, and the guards will receive. However, those who come out to be Genii, and the same guards kill Kolya.After ordering to ensure the room, Kolya communicates with Weir and McKay and tells them that Atlantis is now under its control. Sheppard hears this through your radio, and quickly goes jumpers Bay to communicate with the Ford team, who are still be on the continent. With the storm upon them, can not go help the Mayor, so he tells them to wait until the storm passes. Meanwhile, Kolya announces his demands. If you give all the C-4, medical supplies, a device Saltacharcos information and Wraith, they will go without incident, it says at least. Upon hearing this, Sheppard goes and hides explosives. In addition, McKay is captured by Kolya’s men and threatened with a knife. When Weir arrived, McKay found wounded in his arm, and he reveals that he told him everything. Genii soldiers, while they return without the C-4, but with a walkie-talkie, informed Sheppard, who tells them to never find the explosives. However, reports Kolya be aware of the plan to save Atlantis.He tells Sheppard that separates the ground last season, so that the shield to work, and he allowed to leave peacefully. “Atlantis will be us or the oceans,” he says. Weir tries to dissuade Kolya of what you are doing, saying that the descendants of the ancients are those who intend to use Atlantis to destroy the Wraith, but Kolya is amazed at his arrogance, believing that its people can be equal or closest to lineage of the Ancients. He says he also tried to use Atlantis to destroy the Wraith. Major Sheppard comes to the fourth ground station and use a scanner to locate former two hidden Genii soldiers, killing them and even the score.

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