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Here are some tips that make your notes are more digestible from the point of view of its readers, but highly successful, causing a high impact on their community. Give it a KISS! Keep it Short and Simple. Short and simple. Remember that not all users have the same level of education, experience, or vocabulary. Put in the place of the population mean that potentially will read your posting.

Write for them. Do not write couple search engines bots, nor to other experts in the field, but for your audience. Be sure to be clear, and explain how much scientific or specific terminology need to use in the development of your note. If you don’t want to dedicate an entire paragraph to explain what Beta-ionona ring which composed the molecule of vitamin A, put a link, so that those who need a deeper explanation or clarification can get it, although it is not to your own site.This is also quality content. Focus! Not to disperse. Surely once you discover the pleasure of writing, and how rewarding might be transmitting knowledge to others by more modest to be – surely will feel inspired to write more content.

But it is necessary that seenfoque in a topic, and focus on logically close the article that started. If you are talking about one thing, start with that and finish with that. You can then write more postings about various topics. Replace the old mathematical formula of troubleshooting: hypothesis, thesis, development and conclusion. (Apologies if some engineer in mathematics reads this, and causes some discomfort the lax use I make of these terms). Raises the heart of what you want to say in the first paragraph, and use the subsequent paragraphs to reinforce this idea. Always include a closing paragraph. Test. Think of a topic, take paper and pencil, and I can assure you that the words will begin to emerge back from each other, with the fluidity and the impetus of a mountain stream.

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