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In many forums and chats one-half of "concern" about how much to ask, the second responds stubbornly 5-7%. But, in fact, simply a sober reflection. What we are now and will certainly be my idea and wrong, but it at least based on something, and not fictitious 5-7%, which is correct, the facts no one can confirm. My opinion is based on the following basis: – except for employees of Yandex and Google no one knows what 'need' density, so there's nothing For several years in a row on the forums to ask a question to which no one right will not give an answer – the search engines have always fought for the naturalness and natural – the search engines today are much smarter than a few years ago, they more likely it is clear that the phrase, repeated several times in each paragraph – it's black techniques webmasters. Concluding, we can say that I am when I write an article, do not watch no hand column density.

My opinion – this is obsolete method of 'promotion', bringing the result as much as the check-in social bookmarking, it is zero. Therefore, publishing articles as if search engines did not exist, naturally, and naturally. Algorithms for sar are constantly being improved to ensure that sites are seen through the eyes of ordinary visitors. Publish such texts, which will be informative in the first place people, and trust that you will automatically poluchete favor of search engines. Finally, I want to give some advices on how well all the same to write the article: – write a headline hand column, let visitors immediately understand what will be discussed – the first paragraph shall be without lyrics informative, so it was immediately clear whether you want to read the article – make the important points in bold article, do not hand column, namely, the important things – if a word is often repeated, create a synonym for it. In fact, it's everything. Sticking to these simple recommendations will make the text readable and useful, especially for men. I advise you not to fool his head, calculating any interest, but just think about the readability of the text and search system will thank you.

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