The Limiting

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I repeat, I know that it is difficult, because I have lived it, also is a process of long time, thus requiring the two most important weapon we have, which are: patience and perseverance, but you can, I confided in you, so why not remember me also trusting you that you will be able to? On the other hand, an invaluable advice that I can give you to confront the transformation of beliefs, is that you to visualize how your life without that belief would be or as it would be if you transform it to expansive belief you want, I can assure you that what you find in this visualization will be so rewarding, that you will drive to strive to achieve the desired change. Finally, how to identify limiting beliefs? To identify the limiting beliefs you have to be very attentive to the thoughts that go through your head whenever you want to try to do something and you feel any doubt or fear, so the key will be if you doubt or you feel fear, you should stop and see your thoughts, write them, analyze them and there you will find those negative thoughts that are limiting your growth, so at that point you can proceed to transform those limiting beliefs and try what you want again do, keeping in mind the positive thoughts that you created to counteract the negatives. In this same way you can proceed to identify the limiting beliefs that you have slowed down in the past, simply for these cases you can relax and concentrate on remembering the experience, that moment of the past in which you know that you were weak and there identifies the limiting beliefs that you presented, so again not present in the future. As you can see, is a seemingly easy practice, but the truth is that in some cases will be the hardest part to overcome the limiting beliefs, however, with practice and dedication becomes a habit very positive and enriching. I intentionally stopped last item identification of the limiting beliefs, so now that you end up receiving this information, you put it into practice, identifying the first belief that you want to change and begin to transform. Tools recommended: Book: the power is within you author: Louise L. There are book: Your thoughts create your life author: Louise L. There are good, I hope you put these tips into practice and serve to improve your life. A very cordial greeting. WILSON VELASQUEZ original author and source of the article

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