The Future Of The Seaside Resort Of Lignano: Families And Youngsters.

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To gain the best of the season in Lignano Sabbbiadoro to the municipality of Assisi, the Italian center for the study of tourism and the promotion of tourism is responsible for analyzing the current economic situation in the peninsulas. The Italian Center for the Study of Tourism has conducted a research, drawn in a number of factors were considered. the environment, the economy and the human community as part of this whole tourist system. In addition we have also examined the influence of tourism on these different elements, such as Lignano is regarded by tourists as the city wants to be seen by tourists. The first difference between the results of research and the opinions of local entrepreneurs is the target group of tourists who are believe to be the main guests of Lignano. According to research, the guests are mostly from Lignano to the target group of families, both from Italy and from abroad, the entrepreneurs consider the contrary, the young peoplefor key customers. On closer analysis, it is clear that it is the same entrepreneurs behave differently: while the preferred means of receiving the targeted families by offering, for example, the families of special package prices, contact the business and local guidance to young people and they prefer to seek to adapt to the tastes of young people and the future trends in advance. With the intention to develop harmoniously all the resort, it would be advisable that the representatives of both trends work together and make political decisions, so that both the main tourist target groups of the peninsula would be cared for best. Some clubs have chosen to gen in accordance with the above-mentioned findings of the research, diversify their offering and focus not only on a kind of tourists: these entrepreneurs to provide facilities that can receive both families and young people most . Accordingly, the full city has a renovation of theBuilding investments that meet the needs of all kind of tourists. Apart from the rooms with connecting doors and a playground designed for children who are united for a family vacation, are also a rooftop swimming pool on the 5th Floor and the solarium was built to attract younger customers. The hotel also boasts an unbeatable location that appealed to young people because of its proximity to the center and the families because of its proximity to the tranquil private beach. The example of the Hotels Vienna proves that a connection between the needs of the two main target groups of tourists is possible.

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