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Western Europe

Posted by on Monday, 27 February, 2017

Translation Bureau Exito cooperates with professional recording studios, allowing us to offer our customers high-quality translation of video and audio recordings. Depending on the customer's wishes can duplicate videos material or to put translated subtitles and leave the original soundtrack. What are the subtitles? Subtitles – this is a text accompanying the video, duplicating or supplementing the sound of the film or broadcast. Partly it reflects the subtitles characters. Subtitles are as tex draw up written script of medium size and is located at the bottom of the screen when watching videos. Subtitles are needed not only hard of hearing or deaf people sometimes subtitles contain additional information about what is happening on the screen, for example, comments to the film difficult to understand explanation of terms, names, etc.

Subtitles are often used to show movies with original sound track, that is, without dubbing. In many countries this is the usual way to see foreign films and TV shows, dubbing and is only used in films for children, as much duplication more a subtitle. In Western Europe, duplication is used mainly in Germany, Spain, Italy and France, which historically has been associated with more features censorship. Nevertheless, in these countries Subtitles are becoming increasingly popular. In Britain, the subtitles were helpful for almost 7.5 million viewers with impaired hearing. Angus King: the source for more info.

These figures should attract attention not only to producers of television production, but also Advertisers who are interested in that so many people can learn from their advertising. Viewing foreign films with subtitles translated by a common practice for TV viewers many countries. Upholding the duplication of sound in the Ukraine in Ukrainian foreign films instead of subtitles will greatly reduce the number of programs with subtitles on the national TV. It is not facilitates access to national television for the hearing impaired. Representatives of the Council of Europe in its comments to the Law of Ukraine "On Television and Radio ( / smi / com-ment.htm) recommended in the new edition Act to allow subtitling of foreign films, as it is more acceptable to viewers and is much cheaper duplication. Because of the lack of programs with subtitles Ukrainian TV channels for many people with hearing-impaired are forced to watch foreign channels (in particular the TVC and the "First Channel", where there is a Russian-language titles.) Technologies that provide access to TV for people with sensory impairments are not yet economically profitable. However, they engage in certain businesses, one way or another involved in the television. They are generally guided not only by commercial expediency, but also the unwritten rules of civility and democracy, suggesting commitment to providing equal access to culture and information to all people regardless of health status and other factors which limit human potential.

Gen Equipment

Posted by on Monday, 14 November, 2011

Not surprisingly, all these advantages are very attractive to retailers, the development of UHF systems went very fast. Revolutionary step in the implementation of such systems was the adoption in late 2005, standard UHF EPCglobal Class1 Generation 2 (abbreviated Gen2). It is a concept with improved quality of work and support for new features, such as the work of several readers in close proximity to each other, a high level of readability and reading speed labels, possibility of multiple-record information on labels and higher level of security. Not surprisingly, since January 2006 almost all large companies massively switched to UHF range – Wall-Mart, Metro Group, Rewe, Tesco, Procter & Gamble, Toshiba, Marks & Spencer, Gillette, Nescafe, Benetton, DHL and many others are now working with the systems UHF. Objectively RFID UHF equipment is very different from RFID 13,56 MHz systems, not only on user characteristics, but also in execution. Accordingly, the transition to RFID 13,56 MHz for RFID UHF without complete replacement is impossible.

"FREE" OR "Affordable" does not happen! If you purchased EAS equipment "third generation" based on the promises of "free" or "cheap" upgrade to RFID anti-theft systems in the future, accept and acknowledge that you were deceived. Apart from the fact that this conversion has no practical value and will be expensive to operate, and your provider can not sustain additional equipment promises to make "free" or "cheap" because You need to pay the following costs supplier – shipping electronics or enclosures or systems completely from Europe to Russia or Ukraine – Customs duties on electronics or housing or the system is completely – VAT and other taxes – other costs associated with the refurbishment of the supplier (installation, configuration). Taken together, even putting aside the profit provider who promised you to upgrade "free" or "inexpensive" and to what he is doing it selflessly, you will have to pay for additional equipment protection systems against theft up to 50% of the cost of a new RFID standard equipment of 13.56 MHz. That way will probably be 2-3 times the cost of your EAS equipment. And most importantly, as shown above – RFID system standard 13.56 MHz, now outdated and not used in RETAIL! Company ANTIvor

How To Buy Fresh Flowers ?

Posted by on Tuesday, 8 November, 2011

Each of us ever give flowers. The ratio of flowers at everyone. Someone who likes to give and do it often, and someone gives flowers and only very rarely due to the fact that so accepted. But regardless of relationship to them, everyone wants buy fresh and quality flowers. We are in this article will focus on how to choose fresh flowers. This problem occurs only when the flowers will be purchased on the market or flower pavilion.

Specialized services for the delivery flowers and floral shops value their reputation and thus acquire the flowers just after placing the order, which ensures 100% freshness. So that quality problems in this case does not arise. Thus, a showcase of floral Pavilion usually consists of a ready-made bouquets and a variety of colors, separated by type in the vases. We strongly recommend you buy ready-made bouquets. Typically, they are not harvested from fresh and old flowers. The price of such a bouquet of much less than the price of all its components separately. The reason is that a bunch of need to sell quickly, that would not completely wilted flowers. Flowers, standing alone in the vases are the most recent of all range.

Therefore, it is best to collect a bouquet of just one. The first thing to notice is the very flower bud. If this is the rose, the bud should be firm and closed. Its shape should resemble glass. If the bud and soft resembles a chalice, the rose is not fresh. The second sign of freshness of flowers can be determined by the stem. The leaves on it should not be limp or dry. The absence of leaves on the stem already speaks for itself. Is also worth attention to the cut stem. If it is blackish, the flower is also not the first freshness. And another interesting criterion can determine the state flower. As practice shows, first of all offers ready-made bouquets, then if you give up on them, flowers are not the first freshness. Well, if you are not satisfied and they are, then you will point it humbly that we all want to buy – fresh cut flowers. We wish you luck in your purchases.