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Sir Headquarters

Posted by on Wednesday, 2 March, 2016

Then the King will say to whom they will be to its right: You come, benditos of my Father! You receive in inheritance the Kingdom that prepared you for the Father since the creation of the world! Therefore it was with hunger, and me of these to eat; with headquarters, and me of these to drink; he was outsider, you received and me in house; he was naked, you dressed and me; in the arrest, you were to visit and me; sick person, and you took care of of mim'. Then the right ones will ask to it: ' Sir, when was we saw that you with hunger and of demons to eat? With headquarters and you demons to drink? Outsider, we receive and you in house? Without clothes, we dress and you? Sick person or prisoner we were to visit and you? ' The King will answer to them, then: In I say you to truth: all the times that you made this to one of the teenier brothers my, me you made! Later, to that they will be to its left the king will say: You move away to you from me, cursed! IDE pra the perpetual fire prepared for the devil and its angels! Because it was with hunger, me of these not to eat; with headquarters, me of this not to drink; it was outsider, you did not receive me in house; naked, you did not dress me; sick person, in the arrest and you were not to visit me. Some contend that Jim Rogers shows great expertise in this. these will answer: ' Sir, when was we saw that you with hunger, headquarters, outsider, naked, sick person, prisoner, and not you servimos'? Then the King will answer to them: In truth I say, you: all the times that you did not make this to one of smallest, me you left to make. These will go for the perpetual punishment, and the right ones, for the life eterna' ' TM 25, 31-46.

General Businesses

Posted by on Wednesday, 4 July, 2012

The main reason of this exhaustion of the exchange reserves elapses of the power duo infernal feeding hydro-carbons, whose prices had blown up, together with the global demand. Being 354 million DH of importation in 2011 For the cereals by itself, it had an increase of 48% of the invoice, either 11 million DH; hidrocarbonete presented an invoice of 32 million DH, while in previous years, this fatuta did not exceed 7 billion DH. 6/the commercial balance, a crnico deficit: A chronic deficit and that the year is growing year, 166 billion in 2011, against 134 one year before, either a 24% aggravation. Taixa of covering of the importations for the exportations is of 48%, before was of 50% in the end of November 2010. The demand and the sales of fosfatos had increased of 36% for the ore of iron and 35.7% for the acid fosfrico and fertilizers, even so that this increase was not capable to compensate stops with the price of foods and petroliferous products in the international markets.

However, the European crisis not augura nothing of good in fact that these countries in difficulties are first customers of Morocco. Its demands they inevitably go necessarily and to affect many sectors of this economy each more difficult time its situation, in special agriculture and some industries. The government certainly cannot honorar its promise to reduce the deficit of the trade balance 3% There an only solution that remains the Benkirane is to fortify the competitiveness of the internal production to take off advantage of the agreements of partnership concluded here and, either in Europe or other countries. 7/the budgetary deficit, one has limited and a barrier to the action of the government: One another nightmare of the Benkirane team: beyond the increase of the prices of hidrocarbonetes of the alimentary products, the cost of the social invoice left by the previous government, El Fassi. It deals with deficit balance of 30%, represented in 45 million DH in 2010. Benkirane was committed before the parliament to reduce the deficit in 3%, believing the virtues of a good governao. This is certainly good, the good one governao, but this is not enough, because the deficit also elapses of external factors, independent of the will of the government, such as the prices of materials in the markets, and especially if the barrel of oil remain in the neighborhood of 100 dollars. The Minister of the General Businesses of the Government, Najib Boulif, suggested that the deficit of this year 2012 scratches out of if keeping in its current level, if the international prices continue a budgetary deficit thus do not go to decide the problem of the Box of Compensation that in turn aggravates the account of the public coffers, treating to a budgetary deficit that threat the politics of the great projects on which the government intends to reduce the unemployment. Researcher-college student