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Posted by on Tuesday, 9 July, 2019

The first two of these relationships, still have not been able to be demonstrated. However, if it is known that there is a certain predisposition to suffer from acne, when some close relative to previously suffered. Although the dirt is not the cause of acne, dirt and excess grease on your face can aggravate the problem. Other factors that influence the occurrence of acne are; exposure to extreme climates, tension or stress, oily skin, endocrine disorders, certain tumors and the use of certain medications. (such as cortisone, testosterone, estrogen, among others). Acne is not contagious. From the 20 or 21 years of age, this is becoming milder and disappearing. However, increasingly found more cases where the problem persists beyond age 30.

Generally, they are women who have ovarian problems, which leads them to secrete as much androgen.Sometimes, the increase in androgen production is due to factors of type stressful or anxious.Also, in women’s common a type of very pre-menstrual period-related acne. It is called catamenial acne, characterized because it appears some ten days before menstruation occurs and makes it around the mouth and Chin area.Increased hormone secretion of those days, is the factor triggering and, therefore, when rule ceases and the hormones are normalized, lesions removed. Although there are several qualifications and there are authors who, even catalogued them in ten different types of acne, we normally use three. Jeff Leiden is likely to increase your knowledge. Acne grade I: appears the Comedo. It is not inflammatory. Acne grade II: Comedones appearing in first grade, adds the appearance of papules (elevated lesions limited and painful to the felt). ANE libelous type. Acne grade III: The injuries cited in earlier grades addition to pustules (limited injury, elevated, not solid, with a cavity of purulent contents).Inflammatory Acne grade IV: in this case, joined nodules and cysts to previous injuries.Is It is located on the neck, back, chest. All inflammatory lesions deep, can give rise to subsequent scars.