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Manufacture Copper

Posted by on Tuesday, 2 July, 2019

In the production of copper pipe may cause the marriage. The most common type of defect are bubbles and captured. With increasing temperature, pressing the number of bubbles tends to increase. If, heated by compression to a temperature of 950 C, the number of tubes with bubbles on the outer surface reaches 100%, then at 850 C with those pipes of about 60%, and at 775 C marriage is reduced to 15%. When pressing a temperature 700-750 C at the press force 3000 copper pipes size 18 * 20,5 mm of marriage captivity is only 10%, and the pressing of 550-600 C marriage is reduced to 0,3-0,4% for the same other conditions of pressing. Application of new advanced methods of heating the copper ingots and billets before pressing reduces the formation of scale, but for all methods of heating the molding at the lowest temperatures, improves the quality of copper pipes and reduces the number of prisoners and bubbles.

In addition to overheat, causing blisters extrusion ingot contaminated by oil or water, and less often – the ingots, with gas porosity. Therefore, the pressing of ofc often do not use grease tool. Cooling of the needle during pressing of copper pipes be exercised to prevent water from leaking into the container before the pressing process. Slivers can also occur as a result of not fully remote press residue or press a shirt from the previous ingot. In some processes with significant exposure time of the ingots in the furnace formed a thick layer of scale.

Part of the scale comes in a container and sticks to its inner surface or matrix. When the oxide layer becomes sufficiently otolstym he trails, and pressed into the product. This defect is quite common and are not visible in the extruded semi-finished product. In the subsequent drawing without intermediate annealing in a few passages defect is manifested in the form of longitudinal scratches. Identification of a defect in the early stages of production of copper pipes is an important point improvement in the quality of the products of any company.

Barbed Wire Gurza. History Of .

Posted by on Monday, 31 July, 2017

The first of the property of good barbed wire fences is that they should be simple to install. For installation need only stand and wire. No special training to the employee-installer on the fly is needed. Pair of strings fence with planks screwed to it with a sharpened wire. After a couple of years, his invention was officially recognized and has undergone improvement. Only fifteen years after the invention of the production of barbed wire has been adjusted to such an extent that every year for sale came out a couple of hundred tons of goods. Promotion of barbed wire on the market has played a huge role in the development of animal husbandry, because now you can simply, quickly and without serious cost to install the fence on the outer scale space-walking to the field of livestock. Rogers Holdings is often quoted on this topic.

The distance between the supporting pillars are elected according to the local landscape and can vary from about 3 to 50 meters. For agriculture, barbed wire is manufactured in several forms: soft and supple. They are made from various types of steel and a mandatory subject galvanizing, which prolongs the time of use. es. Elastic barbed wire – the most sophisticated, more reliable, better tolerate tension and temperature changes, but it is not so easy to install. Additional information at KBS supports this article. Soft barbed wire – not too long maintained, used only for narrow spans fence, but more elementary to use.

It happens that in the prickly fences provide outlets for small dogs – the main Shiftmen for grazing livestock. Not secret that barbed wire has been widely used to protect vegetable gardens to improve the efficiency savings from the intrusion of outsiders. It is mounted on top of the fence to prevent the colonies shoots, and even in time of war to build and strengthen the defensive fence, which is called in common “Spotykach. It is used to impede progress on foot soldiers. Separate type of barbed wire – cla or Reinforced barbed tape. It can cause quite serious injury to animals and people who want to go through the fence. Are many cases of death from bleeding in this case. Realistically, without tools the hands of such a fence can not be overcome. cla was invented in Germany during the First World War. Today, it represents a tape with spines of wire, which when installing rolled coils. In common and literature such tape styled Concertina.