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Knowledge Management

Posted by on Sunday, 3 July, 2016

The process of knowledge management refers to two specific features: the exchange of existing knowledge and the creation of new knowledge. The information age makes this crucial activity for the survival of a company, also improves information flows from company to company, between companies and consumers, and other methods. Three main practices in the knowledge management process include creating and discovering, sharing and learning, and the Organization and management. Each company can create its own specific method of knowledge management. The creation and discovery of new data implies the process of data mining, which is a sophisticated term for collecting information.

Companies can use any number of methods of mining to create or discover new knowledge and also to help improve the management of stocks, personal and the company in general. For example, a company can send surveys to customers to ask on the individual buying habits. The creation of new information leads to the discovery that companies can find information and data from any number of new sources. Sharing and learning involves the use of the enterprise networks to send and receive information. Sharing means taking the information obtained from a survey or other source and the dissemination of information between one or more groups. A knowledge management process often involves many departments within a single organization, thus improving the management of enterprises.

In other cases, a company may share information with other companies. This allows multiple companies can learn to achieve an increase in market share or complete other processes with the hope of a better marketing of their products. The Organization and management is a continuous activity of the knowledge management process. Within the Organization, it is necessary to compare new information with all the data previously obtained. In addition, the Organization is necessary so a company can make reference to information collected for specific purposes. Information management is a similar task associated with the Organization of the data collected. Managers must protect the information and make it available for your use at certain times and improve the management of companies and the stock management. Several people in different departments can have the task of managing a company’s information. A process of knowledge management often makes heavy use of technology. Current technology allows the company to collect and transmit data extremely fast, often in real time. The increase in the use of technology in these processes is often in positions of new businesses or activities that benefit the overall management of the companies. Source: Knowledge management process

Original Business

Posted by on Friday, 8 February, 2013

In my case, after having clear that my business makes sense for my handling rejection more easily, not motivate me to keep looking for that person who captures my message and it needs what I have to offer. There is nothing to connect with those people who they are perfectly suitable for what you do, and who are driven by the same inner impulse. To leave behind any rejection you receive, you need a strong and clear reason as to why they’re in your own business. Just say that you want to earn more money won’t make you get out of bed in the morning, be motivated to perform the actions and persevere when doubts arise. To get to the heart of this need to determine your why, those compelling reasons that make you jump of the bed every morning and put you into action.

Why is it important for you to be involved in your business? More than just the money, what are the real reasons that motivate you every day to persevere when times are challenging? (and pessimists remain!) I think that an easier way to have clarity about what you want Yes and for your business, is to first see what you don’t want. Get the next question: what is what will motivate me enough to make changes, deal with the? challenges and persevere? No matter what happens! there are areas in your business where you’re arrested? I have prepared a new course with a series of lessons that are sent directly to your email, that helps women entrepreneurs to avoid the most common mistakes that women face when they are starting their own business. He is called the 7 errors more common than committed women in the business and how to avoid them. What I have shared with you in this article is part of one of the lessons that you will find within the course. This product is within the reach of all budgets. If you are a woman who wants to learn from the costly mistakes that I made and how to avoid them to grow your business, simply write me an email to marisaliapascal arrova reinvent yourself dot com dot ar to request more information on this new course.You don’t have to learn it the hard way. Learn from my mistakes and you’ll see how, by making some small changes you can attract to more customers, make more money and have more fun. Share with me what are the matters with which you’re fighting to carry forward your venture.