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Internet & Networking

Posted by on Thursday, 11 May, 2017

One of the advantages offered by the network lies in the outsourcing or outsourcing. Professional services in the network are various sectors that have benefited from the possibilities of the new era of communication and the emergence of the Internet. His workers no longer have to be located in the office or workplace. They can recruit qualified professionals from anywhere in the world to perform specific jobs and even have more candidates for each position that offer. This will save both fixed and variable administrative costs that are passed on to any contract. For more information see KBS. Productivity is improved because the employee wants to rehire him and allows comprehensive control of the project. The risk is also lower since the worker is paid by the task. Go to John Grayken for more information.

Work as a programmer, web design, call center operators, editors, translators, business, software, technology, management and so on. not require that the employee is physically located in their jobs and there is now a growing demand for highly qualified employees, qualified willing to consolidate their market online freelance workers. Parallel workers or applicants have new chances to find jobs or projects to do at a time when there is a global recession and where unemployment has become a long, dark trance that many have been through. Thanks to the existing supply can work for different companies or professionals and applying to many projects. Networking: The most effective online marketing networking or social networks The work also allow us to find employees, create synergies, build partnerships and share knowledge. Are fundamental and necessary practice for all those undertaking professional or worker who is provided.

Adapting to new technologies is a necessity that none of us have to ignore. In this new work and business framework can establish a new order of priorities and actions.

Commercial use and working of the network is another step in the evolution of an invention that gradually begins to fulfill the expectations it generates generous late-90s and the beginning of the century. If businesses, professionals and self-study in detail the opportunities they provide some websites or networks optimize their costs and get more productive. The last step we have to overcome on the Internet is trust and habit. When the practice of an occupation from home of an employee to a company across the world who do not know personally is customary and natural we witnessed a breakthrough in the business world.

Freelance Projects

Posted by on Wednesday, 13 July, 2016

The good thing is that it is totally gratuitoEnlace: option employment works as a collector of projects that appear on multiple sites.Link: Working Freelance has quite a few projects. Registration required and they charge 8% of each proyectoEnlace: new Linkr Project site style or, by now many developers and a few projects, we hope to continue to grow.Link: Smartise according to its creators, the portal was created as a resource so that companies can find freelance suppliers, and that at the same time these vendors expand their portfolio of clients. All budgets are expressed in Euros.Enlace: Uclasificados is a free classified site. While there are notices of sale, personal and others, the category of freelance jobs has enough movement. Mode: AvisosCosto: GratisEnlace: English Get a Freelancer one of the sites with more seniority, works similarly to ScriptLance and like this last, has many offers of work but also much competition, especially from india and Europe developers of the this. The categories that encompass almost all programming languages that exist.

Mode: SubastasCosto: % according to proyectoEnlace: ScriptLance ScriptLance is one of the first sites of this type. He has many projects, although with much competition also. Auctions them more popular are concentrated in the BIG BUDGET PROJECTS, which have more clear budget. For more information see this site: Nouriel Roubini. On the other hand, there are many projects q range from 50 to 150 dollars, can be small scripts, modifications or any design that although not much represent in your budget, you can add popularity and thus have more chances to be selected in medium or large projects. Mode: SubastasEnlace: Rent a Coder another site that it has several years, works similarly to ScriptLance and in the latter, there are many projects and many developers offering.

Mode: SubastasCosto: % according to proyectoEnlace: Elance one of the sites with more projects from the list. Mode: SubastasCosto: 6.75% to 8.75%Enlace: Guru interface is the best of the sites listing. The number of projects, according to lee in the site is approx. 5000 and there is enough competition. The offerings for each project average ranges between 10 and 15 approximately, although there are many projects in less common languages that have few or no offer. In addition to the categories for programmers and designers, there are also projects for sales, Marketing, photography, etc. Mode: SubastasCosto: GratisEnlace: GO Freelance Modo: AvisosEnlace: OutSource Today link: Ehow link: Code Connected Este site is a little disorganized and does not even many offers. Mode: SubastasEnlace: Ajaxian one of the best sites on ajax and related, topics has its section to search for jobs. While most are focused on the U.S. market, there are quite a few notices to freelancers from all over the world who know English clear. Mode: AvisosCosto: GratisEnlace: Freelance Switch Freelance Switch Odesk mode: SubastasEnlace: Ifreelance mode: SubastasCosto: GratisEnlace: Site Point mode: AvisosCosto: GratisEnlace: Craigslist Craigslist is a very popular, especially in the U.S. classified ads site. While there are notices of sale, personal and others, the category of freelance jobs has enough movement. Mode: AvisosCosto: GratisEnlace: Foroalfa East site is rather oriented design graphic. Portfolios can be created. Mode: AvisosCosto: GratisEnlace: Freelance Jobs and Projects listed are projects of other sites. Mode: AvisosEnlace: Webmaster Talk forum for freelance jobs. There are good amount, the bad news that the latter are 2008.