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Email Marketing

Posted by on Thursday, 19 October, 2017

Any person who owns a business on the Internet, which aims to make money through the web, or engage in e-commerce either part time or as a principal activity is has several different options or tools to make marketing and promoting the products or services you sell, and which ultimately is nothing more than promote their own website and attract traffic to achieve it. Did I say traffic?, Perhaps the most important words for E-commerce. If you have not already registered as such (I mean its importance) is that you include time and make you aware that any attempt to conduct business on the Internet, must be closely linked to this word. On the Internet, traffic is the issue "but we will discuss in another article of traffic. In this, and as I said, I'm talking about the options or tools we have for marketing, and one of those options, it is undoubtedly the mail marketing.

I would say is a tool that can not be taken lightly, on the contrary should be taken into account because it is indeed very useful, but there are some aspects to consider. Some take the issue of email marketing superficially without awarding the importance it deserves, and I do not mean its importance as a tool, but, without taking it as seriously as they should. Many are unaware that the specific issue of commercial email is subject, and must abide by certain regulatory standards that indicate a number of requirements to be met that commercial email is legitimate. . Innovar may find it difficult to be quoted properly..

Promote Your Site, But Without Spam

Posted by on Tuesday, 5 September, 2017

As for Internet business, make money on the Internet, and business opportunities, etc. find plenty of proposals out there, and although some will offer to make you a millionaire in a few clicks, others, who are the majority, and to conform to reality, require a conscious work, permanent and constant. The truth is that to really succeed on the Internet is required effort, dedication, work and other things, but above all, experience and seriousness, if you think that spamming will get faster or get better results, I assure you it will not . Just as there are outlandish proposals to get rich from the overnight, there are also those who choose to promote your website by spam, and without compunction; buy databases with thousands of addresses and send bulk mails waiting for answers. We know that every Internet business success depends on having an excellent list of members, and that this, grow every day, to which you offer content quality that are of interest to your members and with time and honestly you earn their trust and to sell your products or services. But from there to try to grow a shopping list database with many directions looking for ways to get leads and build your own list and there is a big difference and I can assure you that is not the right way. Would building a list of "dummy" liar. Now I will give you some important details: First, that a list is really useful "should be built with qualified prospects" What do you mean? that prospectuses should be relevant to your website, and be people who "really care about the product or service you offer.