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San Francisco

Posted by on Tuesday, 7 March, 2017

Each microregion congregates, therefore some cities. MICROREGION OF JAPARATUBA Figura01: Map of the microregion Source: Personal archive 2,1 Localization of Microregion One of them is the microregion of Japaratuba that is composed for the cities of Pirambu, Japaratuba (Figure 01), San Francisco, Japoat and Pacatuba. It is located in the Northwest and East of the state enters the latitudes of 37 30e longitude of 10 11. This microregion is limited with the ones of: Bar of the Coconut palms, Amaro Saint of Brotas, Carmpolis, Chapel, Muribeca, Threshed of the Oxen, Cedar of Are Joo, Proper, Nepolis, Island of the Flowers, Heath Great the Atlantic Ocean. Pirambu is a city that if it locates in the littoral band, in the extreme east of Sergipe, is limited with the cities, to the south of the Bar of the Coconut palms, the west with Amaro Saint of Brotas, the north with Pacatuba and Japaratuba and the east with the Atlantic Ocean. Its area encloses 199,2 76 km and is about km of the Aracaju capital and the headquarters of the city possess 2 meters of geographic altitude and coordinates of 1044? 23? of south latitude and 3651? 24? of longitude west.

Japaratuba is a located city of the northeast region of the state of Sergipe, limits it north with the cities of San Francisco, Japoat and Pacatuba, to the south with Carmpolis, the west with Muribeca and Capela and the east with Pirambu. Its area encloses 374,0 km, and is about 54 km of the Aracaju capital and the headquarters of the city possess 13 meters of geographic altitude and coordinates of 1025? 27? of south latitude and 3656? 33? of longitude west. San Francisco is limited with the cities to the north with Cedar of Is Joo and Prpria, the east with Japoat, to the south with Japaratuba and the Threshed west with of Bois and Muribeca.

Exit Work

Posted by on Tuesday, 7 March, 2017

Although these social damages occur, in the capitalism a cause or explanation exists main for the migration: the economic one. That the productive system passes to be seen as displacement of human groups for areas where it concentrates greaters or better chances of job. Beyond the economic factor provoked by the capital, we will have other events of order politics that will justify the exit of people of its natural habitat. Further details can be found at Chevron Corp, an internet resource. In this manner, using of some strategies, the capital it makes with that the force of work of the migrantes is always under its domain, being that for this if it uses of half controllers of this mobility. Thus, we will have to understand the process migratory as a man power redistribution, that is, as removed of the force of work of the estagnadas or economically declining areas, for where it offers of job is bigger. In the perception of Singer (1975), the most likely one is that the migration is a social process, whose operating unit is not the individual, but the group and, for the specific case of the internal migrations, the collective character of the process he is sharper.

This exactly author says that two factors acting in set, provokes these population displacements, being the first a expulsion, and according to the attraction. Being that, some factors of expulsion that lead to the migrations are of two orders: factors of changes, the ones that elapse of the introduction capitalist relations in the areas of production for subsistence, which causes the expropriation of the peasants, the aggregate expulsion, partners and other agriculturists not proprietors. The expulsion factors indicate the areas of origin in the migratory flows, more of attraction they determine to the orientation of these flows and the areas for which if they destine. Amongst the factors that contribute for the attraction, it is distinguished demand for force of understood work as ' ' chances econmicas' ' , however, it has a set of obstacles that most of the time, the migrante if comes across, as the lack of necessary qualification and the difference of its sociocultural aspects in relation to the ones of the city, for example.

Small Average Companies

Posted by on Friday, 20 April, 2012

Andres Alberto of the Coast Rasp University of the Minho, Department of Geography Campus of Azurm, 4800 – 058 Guimares Summary the present document has as intention to describe the Small importance of the Average Companies, in the enterprise structure Portuguese and consequentemente in the national Economy. In this direction, Average Companies, its criteria of definition, as well as, its connections with the question of the enterprise structure and previsible Small concepts of are approached condicionalismo of the Portuguese Economy. Finally, one considers some Average Small future perspectives so that the Companies can transmit to the economy the impulse that Portugal in such a way needs. Word-key: Small Average Companies, Portuguese enterprise Structure, Economy Small the Average Companies assume nowadays a great importance in diverse subjects of the actualidade, nominated in the area of the Economy, more necessarily in the Portuguese enterprise structure. It is a fact, that in the times that run has been a great subject of quarrel, but will be they really cause for as much controversy? Given to the Small importance of the Average Companies for the Economy, one becomes basic, to know that these are delimited in function of the business-oriented staff of that it makes use and its volume or its annual total rocking. Therefore, according to Classification of the European Union (2003), Small the Average Companies is organized as average, will be had up to 250 permanent workers, 50 million euros of annual facturao or 43 million euros of annual statement and small, will be had up to 50 permanent workers, 10 million euros of annual facturao or 10 million euros of annual statement. However, a difficulty in the establishment of a notion of Small Average is verified Company, therefore its criteria of definition, diversify remarkably, nominated the variability number of it of workers considered for the classification, thus not existing an explanation uniform of what if it must understand for Small Average Company.