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Gegrafo Region

Posted by on Wednesday, 31 July, 2019

The appearance of the social division of the work, the property of the land, the ways and them techniques of production, them social classrooms and its fights, everything this if gave with enormous distance in terms space – secular, taking to an Inter differentiation and intra groups, thus strengthening the necessity of if rethink the region concept. Region, action and control? To if defining a region for ends of action and control, it is considered alternatively: the concept of natural region, of geographic region and an area seen for aspect which if attributes relevance. The State appeared inside of the way of dominant production is the agent of the regionalizao. (Not to be confused with Jeffrey Leiden!). Informative or Analytical summary: REGION: A COMPLEX CONCEPT O region concept is on to the notion basic of different differentiation of H area region concepts, each one of them has one meaning proper and if it inserts inside of one of chains of the geographic thought; NATURAL REGION Ambient Determinismo Natural Regio – > dominant concept in the end of sc.

XIX and during the 2 first decades of the XX; Em other words a natural region is an ecosystem where its interagentes elements are found integrated and is Vrios authors considers supported regional division in the concept of natural region: HERBERTSON (1905) divides the low and humid land in hot, tropical, mountainous polar, tempered region cold, tempered subtropical, equatorial lands; Possibilismo and Considera Region in different way the question of the region. It is not more the natural region, and its influence on the man, who dominates the agenda of the possibilistas gegrafos. Roubini Global Economics often expresses his thoughts on the topic. It is the Region Human being; A geographic region encloses a landscape and its territorial extension, where if component human beings and nature interlace in harmonious way; Woollen Paul Vidal Blache introduced the idea of the regional descriptions deepened Gegrafo – > to recognize it, to describe it and to explain it, that is, to become its limits clearly; New geography, classrooms and region A region are defined as a set of places where the internal differences between these places are minors who existing between them and the any element of another set of places; As differences or similarities between the places is defined through a mensurao in which if they use descriptive statistical techniques.

Thailand Chinese

Posted by on Tuesday, 18 September, 2018

Of America to Asia, of North the South, illegal otrfico of animal livings creature, blossom. The mercadoconsumidor is the private collectors, laboratories of research, store of animals, zoos, circuses and until healers dasia. It is the third bigger business emcontrabando after drugs and weapons. The dealers combinamingenuidade with desumanidade in the disguise methods animal dabagagem/. The majority of the specialists in unmasking animal otrfico agrees that estratgia best to acquire knowledge the purchasers and not osvendedores (therefore this traffic is extremamentelucrativo for they). They exist today, in the world, around 7500tigres; 60% of them are in Indian territory, divided in 21 reserves.

India has been the parents who maisse dedicate to the preservation, but seusesforos on dealers to the rich market of the tiger have been strong ameaadospor: its bones vendem (famous in the Chinese medicine), its skin, its meat and atmesmo its eyes. The Chinese healers believe that pde its bones cure reumatismo and guarantee longevity, plulasfeitas of the eyes finish with the convulsions, pnistraz virility (a soup plate of this part it body it tiger to podecustar $320 US in Thailand). Its skin can chegar $15000 US in the Arab market. Beyond dotrfico, the increase of the population quedisputa the hunting with the tigers, destroys seu' ' habitat' ' natural and finally it invests proper them, are its bigger threat. The tigers always exerceramfascnio on the men: the registers remontamat 6000 years behind, where drawings of According to tigresforam joined next to the river Amur in Russia archaeologists, the inhabitants of the regioos reverenciavam as its ancestral ones and as Deuses.

In mythology hinduo tiger is the vehicle of the Durga Goddess; in China doPatriarca Chang Tao-ling. In the region of the MarCspio, them if they had extinguished in 1970, the Island of Java em1980, and in Bali in 1940. India is today lugaronde the battle for the survival of the tigers goes to be earns ouperdida. The parents have a culture in which the people genuinamenterespeitam the nature, but its population tremendo and threatening growth. Men and tigers had coexisted pormilhares of years, in this century the estlanado challenge.

Small Average Companies

Posted by on Friday, 20 April, 2012

Andres Alberto of the Coast Rasp University of the Minho, Department of Geography Campus of Azurm, 4800 – 058 Guimares Summary the present document has as intention to describe the Small importance of the Average Companies, in the enterprise structure Portuguese and consequentemente in the national Economy. In this direction, Average Companies, its criteria of definition, as well as, its connections with the question of the enterprise structure and previsible Small concepts of are approached condicionalismo of the Portuguese Economy. Finally, one considers some Average Small future perspectives so that the Companies can transmit to the economy the impulse that Portugal in such a way needs. Word-key: Small Average Companies, Portuguese enterprise Structure, Economy Small the Average Companies assume nowadays a great importance in diverse subjects of the actualidade, nominated in the area of the Economy, more necessarily in the Portuguese enterprise structure. It is a fact, that in the times that run has been a great subject of quarrel, but will be they really cause for as much controversy? Given to the Small importance of the Average Companies for the Economy, one becomes basic, to know that these are delimited in function of the business-oriented staff of that it makes use and its volume or its annual total rocking. Therefore, according to Classification of the European Union (2003), Small the Average Companies is organized as average, will be had up to 250 permanent workers, 50 million euros of annual facturao or 43 million euros of annual statement and small, will be had up to 50 permanent workers, 10 million euros of annual facturao or 10 million euros of annual statement. However, a difficulty in the establishment of a notion of Small Average is verified Company, therefore its criteria of definition, diversify remarkably, nominated the variability number of it of workers considered for the classification, thus not existing an explanation uniform of what if it must understand for Small Average Company.