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Ecological Integrity

Posted by on Saturday, 11 June, 2016

Few can have repaired, but I could not leave to observe, and, in certain way, to evidence, that the exposition advertising executive of a commercial company of erticos products, who invaded our daily one aggressively at the end of the year, was announced, in the antecedent week to Passover (not vi, now, for the Day of the Mothers), for outdoors, in our city, of held form more, without pipius, or any metaforizado other bichinho and its dbias messages. A related site: Nouriel Roubini mentions similar findings. Of this time the image of coelhinho cumpliciava it the universal letter of infantile music: ' ' coelhinho of Passover that you bring pra me? ' ' , suggesting, certainly, as present, a healthful carrot. Thank heavens. Equally, in contrast of what passed year occurred, at this time, the homage of a member of the house of representatives directed to the mothers (TRE, already can), it brings in substitution of its photo, the adjusted image more of a woman with a child in the arms. Then, I must recognize these cares, as conquest of this space offered to the reader, for this periodical. Of some form, liking or not, we go influencing, as educators who we are? all – ones of the others, when provoking reflections even though with our indignaes. Pparently, the complexity that involves problematic of the informacional avalanche the one that we are submitted is daily not perceived in them as a question of ecological survival. We bind tev, the radio, pass, distraidamente, for outdoors, inexorably submitted to the ostensive propaganda advertising executive. Thus, we touch the life, as if we could live it? we lived it to – immunized to all this miditica influence, that it invades and it attacks, many times, our physical, psychological integrity and citizen. The miditiazao of the information (any that is) is, more than what never, a problem that affects to all we.


Posted by on Wednesday, 18 April, 2012

Another concept that gains space in the companies is of sustainable development, where the attitudes take in account the adjusted economic growth to the protection of the environment in the present time and for future generations, guaranteeing the support. Through one it searches carried through with 609 people by means of questionnaire for the pupils of 4 period of Management of Human resources of the Spei college, in companies who act in the area of services (34% of the interviewed ones), industry (23% of the interviewed ones), commerce (22% of the interviewed ones), other areas (18% of the interviewed ones) and in the third sector (3% of the interviewed ones) with intention to verify the information level that all the employees of the organization have regarding the ambient responsibility. 1) In relation the separation of the garbage and sending for recycling separate the garbage, 65% of the interviewed ones had answered that yes, 19% that and only 16% had not answered that to the times they separate the garbage. 2) In relation the support with the control of copies printed and stimulating the reduction of same 48% of the interviewed ones had answered that controls the impressions, 26% had answered do not control and to the times excessively 26%. For company it is basic to value the paper in the society, thus having the project of ambient support.

Applicable in all the hierarchic levels and having to combine the maximum the corporative culture benefiting to all. It is not only enough to carry through the projects of ambient support, but yes to display its importance in it practises placing for society (internal and external) its offered action and possible benefits. Currently a more intense concern in relation to the ambient questions in such a way for the producers as for the consumers is verified. &#039 appears one in such a way; ' new paradigm of consumo' ' where the consumerism, wastefulness and the pregao finish substituted for the cooperation, magnifying right them, for a requirement of better quality of life and of a responsible and healthy consumption. They are these indications that allow to affirm the increasing social awareness in level of the environment.