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Cultural Valuation

Posted by on Saturday, 6 May, 2017

This work was elaborated from pesquisabibliogrfica, having used books, scientific eartigos dissertaes existing of the subject. The environment, in recent years, comes sendoexaustivamente argued in function of the degradation of the nature econseqentemente decay of the quality of life, as much in the cities, as in the field. This situation elapses, among others reasons, of the ambient maugerenciamento. In this perspective the etnoecologia assumes opapel to describe of that it forms we can> to use to know local daspopulaes on the nature for one better gerenciamentoambiental and administration to them of the natural resources of a maisadequada form. So that an ambient management occurs successful necessrio changes in the attitudes and the standards of behavior.

Naqual, the individuals start to be integrant part of the processes and local dastransformaes of the environment. In this direction the educaoambiental comes if becoming an excellent ally the ambient management. Words Keys: Etnoecologia, environment, ambient management .1-IntroduoA ambient question is an eminently proper phenomenon to advanced or after-modern modernity and that for thus being she demands a urgent process of change in the standards of effective behavior in the modern society and the form as the people live in interaction with the environment in all its dimensions. The Etnoecologia term, as well as the term Ecology Human being, clearly make reference to reference the interaction between people and environment. The Etnoecologia has its, this the etnobiologia and the etnoecologia that study the knowledge of the populations human beings on the natural processes, trying to discover the logic of the human knowledge in relation to the world. In the field of the etnocincia it has been distinguished that the etnoecolgica boarding is a field to interdisciplinar, that aims at to extend the dialogue between natural and social sciences in the ecology area (MARKS, 2001).