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This brief text presents a story of a child of infantile education on the organization of the space and the time in its life, what the same one understands for organization secular space, story this carried through of spontaneous form, without intervention of no adult, therefore it is known that infancy if differentiates much of the adult world, the child has a different way to see the world, for being very observing always creates playful forms to try to understand its half one. The interviewed child has only five years of age, she is a child smart, and very active, could be noticed during the interview that it has a great notion of time and space, therefore it told with clarity and devotion the dates marcantes of its life, as its anniversary, of its parents, knows where it is the hospital where the name of the city and the state was born where deferred payment. It also told its daily one, the name of its school, the store that are next to its house. One perceives that when speaks of time it presents notion of the days of week, of some commemorative dates. In relation to its space it told proportionality slight knowledge, as what it is great, small, it described its pertaining to school space that stops it is great, and with many options to play. It is not as the yard of its house, that stops it is small. , ‘ ‘ …

is great, small, clearly, dark, is to be able to run or to be quiet, is silence, is barulho’ ‘ (BATTINI apud FORNEIRO, 1998, P. 231). A related child also presents other geographic knowledge, speaking on the mansion of its parents, where she has a diversity of plants and animals and also possess a bush reserve, it told names of some plants (flowers that the mother cultivates in the yard) and spoke on the gram of the yard of the grandfather, that likes to play there, therefore not dirty its clothes and nor its footwear. She concludes yourself that exactly without having knowledge of she disciplines of history and geography, the children go forming its proper ones to know through the way surround that them, the call previous knowledge, therefore is important that the professors consider such knowledge for one better relation with its pupils, forgetting it traditionalism that still patrol the Brazilian schools, remembering that the children are not a blank leaf, therefore already bring very obtain contents important for the learning, fitting to the professor to mediate and only to improve these knowledge.

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