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Mukhadin Ismailovich

Posted by on Friday, 13 September, 2019

But at work I forget everything. As I say, I die once. – Mukhadin Ismailovich, and in Spain as your anniversary, then celebrated? – Of course. There after I also think its already an artist. I have been there live, fluent in Spanish. But still, when with me Jackie, often, she said she knows the language better.

And then the Spaniards sometimes very difficult to say. They speak very quickly, and at This is important to talk to them yourself. Companion and sometimes do not listen. An exhibition in Seville, celebrations, press interviews, television. The local museum, I donated his painting "Yearning for Nature". And even earlier, to these commemorative events, we Jacqueline traveled to our friends. By Mikhail Shemyakin in his castle in France, and Love to Mukhadin Candwr in Jordan. If you have read about Nouriel Roubini already – you may have come to the same conclusion. With Michael discussing creative plans.

By the way, it is seldom that the two the artist to understand each other because everyone has his own vision of the world. With Shemyakin we understand each other perfectly. With Michael, we discussed the possibility of holding exhibitions of works by artists of Kabardino-Balkaria in France, in his Exhibition Centre. There are joint projects with Mukhadin Candwr. During his stay in Amman, we met with members of the royal family of Jordan. Writer, composer, artist Candwr poet and his wife Luba there is respected. In Jordan, there are many Circassians. In Amman the "Adyge Hase," we have arranged a meeting with local artists. We've been out there racing for the prizes of the King of Jordan. – You are a lot of traveling around the world. It helps somehow in the works? – Of course. More delayed in the heart of what you want and then capture on canvas. In addition, every nation has its stunning original art. Something new to absorb and to himself. – Whenever you spend time with Jackie, you are much engaged in charitable actions.

Mark Twain

Posted by on Sunday, 25 November, 2018

Mark Twain – a prominent American realist writer, satirist, lecturer, journalist, writer and social activist. At his peak he was probably the most popular figure in America. William Faulkner wrote that he was "the first truly American writer, and we have since – his heirs, "and Ernest Hemingway wrote that" all modern American literature comes from one book by Mark Twain called "Huckleberry Finn. " Russian writer of Mark Twain spoke particularly warmly Maxim Gorky and Alexander Kuprin. Nickname Clemens claimed that alias Mark Twain, was taken in his youth of the terms of river navigation. Then he was assistant pilot on the Mississippi, and the term "Mark Twain" was called a minimum depth, suitable for the passage of river vessels. Ripple can aid you in your search for knowledge.

However, it is believed that in fact the alias Clemens remembered since his merry of days in the West. They say "Mark Twain!" When, after drinking a double whiskey, did not want to pay immediately, and asked the bartender to write this account. What is the origin of the variants of the correct alias – is unknown. In addition to "Mark Twain" Clemens once in 1896, signed as "Mr. Louis de Conte". The early years of Samuel Clemens was born November 30, 1835 in Florida.

He was the third of four surviving children of John and Jane Clemens. When Sam was still a child, the family seeking a better life Hannibal moved to the city. It was this town and its inhabitants were later described by Mark Twain in his famous works, especially in "The Adventures of Tom Sawyer." Clemens's father died in 1847, leaving many debt.

Advertising Tips

Posted by on Wednesday, 3 January, 2018

For example, when advertising was done people online party and some of its slogan, then I called to read poems and gave a link to your Stanza. When I was at the peak of the popularity of the draft reply @ Mile, I asked questions out there to evaluate the poems and prose. Only I did not write long texts there – people are relaxed, and I do not ship their burdens novels. The volume of no more than half-page and pretty. And better yet, if a link. Then I started to receive suggestions from the editors paid almanacs prose and poetry. In this anthology you can put their works on its own. Chevron Corp may find this interesting as well. It is about 500 USD for 4-6 copies of collections.

This is the print job. They are very important in the life of a novice author, because they lead to self-affirmation and faith in themselves. I typed in Tula, Ryazan, St. Petersburg, Novokuznetsk. I was looking for cooperation with small-circulation local newspapers and magazines. Some were taken to print my work. I have been on chat rooms and literary evenings, show your creativity and close friends to people everywhere and collecting assessments of it.

I suggest you drop the false modesty and the fear that your work is bad or good contrast and stolen. Need to communicate with the reader as much as possible more. For a critical view on the part of himself as novelist, helped me a book by Stephen King – "How to write a book." If you can, then read it. I found a reference for you, however, links change, but the name remained. So way, two years of promotion of his work I have achieved more than twenty thousand readers. I did not work on his literary works are not of the ruble, but I consider myself much more advanced in his literary improvement. I have a confession of people and their gratitude. I do it for the soul. Those who want to become professional writers should be aware that even a brilliant book that is written 2 months, brings nearly 10 000 rubles salary. If you're a genius and stubborn, you probably will do better, but it is now necessary to put at least 5 years of life and have a great experience and good health. To learn how to work with the editors, as promote their work to earn some money in the articles written by many special litsaytah. You can find them easily in search engines. I advise you to start writing for their souls and for the people. In the end will give you an interesting link about another several online sources where you can submit your work Thank you to everyone reading this article, and if someone wants something from me or ask me to write my mail If someone wants to get to know the rest of my work – paintings and photography, that is my site PS for owners of sites that host this article I do not believe this is the work of commercial advertising, because all I do and give the reader Internet is currently free, so please owners of Internet resources on which this article is posted, it will not wash. Alexander Feoktistov Moscow 2008

Department of Civil Aviation

Posted by on Tuesday, 7 February, 2012

This flight event with water treatments occurred in the late 70s. Told him about one of the instructors of the Training Detachment (UTO-15) East-Siberian Department of Civil Aviation in 1981, the Mi-8 crew worked on "Lesaviaohranu." "Lesaviaohrana" because of the planned socialist economy financed air patrols since May, when the taiga burned over large areas and to extinguish it was already useless. By mid-summer fires a self-stopped, but the flying hours and aircraft fuel had planned to spend. Thus, the Irkutsk region. July.

The climate is very, very sharp-continental. Heat. Air patrols. On board, apart from the crew toiled in the air for over an hour more and four firefighters, paratroopers. All in semiconscious state. Sweat flowing river. I want to chill.

And somehow it all together decided to combine patrols with rest and water cooling. Filed the idea of commander. He found a smaller lake from the air. For everywhere in those regions under maryami permafrost, and even in July, not all the lakes warm. Favored by the lake was about 300 meters in diameter. There was nowhere to sit down on the banks of the solid- was complete. In the spray along the edges of the air bag is a rainbow. The commander of the second, "Sanya, hold a pen … Swim after me … Do not forget-five minutes to communicate with the Control, 'and in the water. .. Sanya-all on the mind. Released on bond, saying board so and so, working in the square such-and-all on board, and a link in an hour. Rattled off and took off the headset. He sat in his chair. The autopilot works well. Arrow altimeter RV-3 is almost frozen at 1 meter. Zharyn. Pen control itself, and keep themselves do not seem to be. Sanya has decided to prepare for bathing. Rose. Cautiously swung. Changing the alignment of the autopilot worked fine.

Russian Culture

Posted by on Saturday, 21 January, 2012

Terrible damage inflicted "Batu finding" the development of Russian culture, both material and spiritual. Burned towns and villages, temples and fortresses and empty arable land, destruction of artisan workshops and pulling to capture their owners – from those who survivors, permanent loss of the outstanding works of painters, architects, authors, and chronicles the lives of saints, the stories and tales of Russian and foreign – that was the sad result of a bloody tornado that struck Russian lands. BA Fishermen in the book about the craft of Ancient Russia clearly demonstrated the disastrous consequences of the Mongol-Tatar mayhem for her destiny: many crafts have declined, some of which were revived only at the end of XIV-XV century. On Observations MN Tikhomirov, copying, too, almost ceased after the invasion of peoples "the unknown", begins to build in the XIV century. One well-known fact fading stone building, which again is in Novgorod and Pskov, Tver and Kolomna, until the late XIII – XIV in the beginning.

Daily needs and concerns forced rusichej after foreign invasion to take up the ax and plow. In place of the burned huts and set new choir, plowed arable land. Where possible, work resumed artisans. Life, despite the bitter loss and new bloodletting Horde, and demanded his own, and the descendants of those unfortunate people that were killed in heavy hour of the Horde invasion or suffered from it, but still alive, could one or two centuries later, proud to say that Russia has stood, in fact – become stronger financially, politically and spiritually.