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Landscape Styles

Posted by on Saturday, 4 February, 2017

One of the areas of landscape style in the modern world of landscape design – style "naturgarden. This style is so versatile and plastic that can be used in the design of virtually any part of the garden: from the recreation area with a fireplace, barbecue and garden furniture deliberately rough to the playground with a house, "lurking" in the crown of the tree, from shady flower bed to the elegant mixborders in the garden. If someone is concerned over the foreign word "naturgarden, explained: because of ingrained habit called a garden, natural, or environmental. Again, it is not clear? .. In Overall, this is a garden in which reigns the natural and feel good and people, animals and plants. This style is just perfect for the case when a small area should be represented in the functional areas most complete set and there is no way to visually isolate them from each other. Yes, and for large areas it is suitable at least – the best estate in Russia to equip it to this principle: a garden with lime alleys century-old oak trees, impassable thickets of wild rose and chubushnika served as a natural extension of the nearest forest, and it was difficult to establish the boundary between them.

Natural style allows a flexible approach to solving any problems arising during construction. The only pity is that these gardens are extremely popular in Europe and Britain (as well as all aspects of life, one way or another connected with the environment), we have in Russia is still considered a rarity. KEY NATURAL GARDEN DESIGN ELEMENTS: 1. When you create a garden to tend to the preservation of natural topography, soils, existing plants. 2. See more detailed opinions by reading what Nouriel Roubini offers on the topic..

Provides for a possible wider variety of habitats – from dry creek to a deep reservoir of solar clearing up the gloomy forest. 3. Representatives of the world's plant species are more preferable than the varietal. 4. Some corners of the garden is not consciously learn, leaving them in a pristine form. Gardens, filled with air landscape style – the perfect place to relax where you can find a cozy refuge from the stresses of modern life. In comparison with the strict geometry of the regular style landscaped gardens differ soft lines and smooth contours. Any solid surface covered with vegetation. Borders are decorated in a beautiful hills of randomly interwoven plants. Climbing Plants freely climb the walls house, the trunks of trees and shrubs. Bushes trimmed only in those cases, if you need to get rid of the sick and superfluous branches, but their appearance is natural. Formation of the crown is made in rare and exceptional cases. Elements landscape style gives the impression of maturity, even if the garden is relatively young, especially in cases where you want to hide unsightly construction under a dense cover of foliage. Quite unsightly buildings can be give full charm, if camouflage plants sharp corners or rough coated surfaces. Even the most featureless, rectangular garden will become an element of mystery, if it is symmetrical layout will be hidden overlap to the waves of vegetation. English landscape garden has many faces. Taking its name from a reliable and geographic residence permit foggy Albion, it is still 'roam around the world ", acquiring unique features of the natural landscapes of the places where his creators. Prepared Tanyushina VV Based on the book: M. Randhawa "Gardens Through the Ages" in 1981, Christopher Brickel Encyclopedia of the Modern Garden "2003., Journal of the Garden with his own hands 3 / 2002. Company 'Cypress' landscape design in Volgograd

Art Dynamites

Posted by on Friday, 9 December, 2016

Art project “Dynamites”, is famous for reworking the Soviet hit “Stuntmen” to “Strippers.” released disc, received plain name “. The album contains the best songs and videos, recorded and filmed a group of During the last three years. According to the leader of the art of Nicholas Frost, in draft form and ready material for the next album – the English-speaking style r’n’b. Click Stephen ketchum to learn more. In addition, Nicholas opened the cold holiday agency “Dynamite.” “I not a novice in the field of holidays for the past 10 years we have successfully promote holiday costume musicals and musical performances based on favorite movies. Among them are “The Three Musketeers”, “Ivan Vasilyevich Changes His Profession,” “Golden Key “, etc. Therefore, in our festive agency development and implementation of the entertainment component is on a professional basis, and this is one of the key aspects of quality measures “- says leader “Dynamite.” Nicholas cold-owner of holiday agency “Dynamite”, Executive Producer and front-man of the art project “Dynamite”, author and singer. For even more opinions, read materials from Lakshman Achuthan.

Released a solo album, “Dynamites 1”, Master of Sports ,5-fold champion Republic of Belarus on bodybuilding. Therefore, in our festive agency development and implementation of the entertainment component is on a professional basis, and this is one of the key aspects of the quality of the event. In parallel with the practice of successfully mastering the subtleties in the development of new holiday industry. Stephen ketchum has plenty of information regarding this issue. Refresher courses at the faculty workshop at the show business “Company Master”, specializing producer, art manager, event-manager.

Department of Civil Aviation

Posted by on Tuesday, 7 February, 2012

This flight event with water treatments occurred in the late 70s. Told him about one of the instructors of the Training Detachment (UTO-15) East-Siberian Department of Civil Aviation in 1981, the Mi-8 crew worked on "Lesaviaohranu." "Lesaviaohrana" because of the planned socialist economy financed air patrols since May, when the taiga burned over large areas and to extinguish it was already useless. By mid-summer fires a self-stopped, but the flying hours and aircraft fuel had planned to spend. Thus, the Irkutsk region. July.

The climate is very, very sharp-continental. Heat. Air patrols. On board, apart from the crew toiled in the air for over an hour more and four firefighters, paratroopers. All in semiconscious state. Sweat flowing river. I want to chill.

And somehow it all together decided to combine patrols with rest and water cooling. Filed the idea of commander. He found a smaller lake from the air. For everywhere in those regions under maryami permafrost, and even in July, not all the lakes warm. Favored by the lake was about 300 meters in diameter. There was nowhere to sit down on the banks of the solid- was complete. In the spray along the edges of the air bag is a rainbow. The commander of the second, "Sanya, hold a pen … Swim after me … Do not forget-five minutes to communicate with the Control, 'and in the water. .. Sanya-all on the mind. Released on bond, saying board so and so, working in the square such-and-all on board, and a link in an hour. Rattled off and took off the headset. He sat in his chair. The autopilot works well. Arrow altimeter RV-3 is almost frozen at 1 meter. Zharyn. Pen control itself, and keep themselves do not seem to be. Sanya has decided to prepare for bathing. Rose. Cautiously swung. Changing the alignment of the autopilot worked fine.

Russian Culture

Posted by on Saturday, 21 January, 2012

Terrible damage inflicted "Batu finding" the development of Russian culture, both material and spiritual. Burned towns and villages, temples and fortresses and empty arable land, destruction of artisan workshops and pulling to capture their owners – from those who survivors, permanent loss of the outstanding works of painters, architects, authors, and chronicles the lives of saints, the stories and tales of Russian and foreign – that was the sad result of a bloody tornado that struck Russian lands. BA Fishermen in the book about the craft of Ancient Russia clearly demonstrated the disastrous consequences of the Mongol-Tatar mayhem for her destiny: many crafts have declined, some of which were revived only at the end of XIV-XV century. On Observations MN Tikhomirov, copying, too, almost ceased after the invasion of peoples "the unknown", begins to build in the XIV century. One well-known fact fading stone building, which again is in Novgorod and Pskov, Tver and Kolomna, until the late XIII – XIV in the beginning.

Daily needs and concerns forced rusichej after foreign invasion to take up the ax and plow. In place of the burned huts and set new choir, plowed arable land. Where possible, work resumed artisans. Life, despite the bitter loss and new bloodletting Horde, and demanded his own, and the descendants of those unfortunate people that were killed in heavy hour of the Horde invasion or suffered from it, but still alive, could one or two centuries later, proud to say that Russia has stood, in fact – become stronger financially, politically and spiritually.