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Business Online Fanpage

Posted by on Saturday, 16 February, 2013

If potential customers are able to find your company on Facebook, with that it will find?, with a wall vacuum?, because they won’t, have to see something interesting, so are plenty reasons to customize your business Fanpage on Facebook. Apart from other considerations, the main reason of all is based on marketing, and like that on your website, it is necessary to customize your Fanpage to your company stand out from the crowd. How we know, on these platforms not we sell anything directly, because our visitors would be fleeing frighten, but if we must give reasons so that they end up being potential clients in the future. Having said all the above, I want to expose 7 reasons to customize your Facebook FanPage of business: 1 – share the content. Applications provided by Facebook, allow our supporters to share it with their friends, in an extremely simple way, by multiplying the viral effect, which is what we want at the end, after all. 2 Is much easier to achieve that they click. Content for your website, leave it here focus on the use of an image or a link visually attractive who successfully linking with your website. Use it for specific products or special offers.

3. Protected content. We love to be part of selected tribes, and here Facebook offers us very useful features to keep the content protected and can only be seen by your most fanatical customers. Get more fans is the challenge of all business, with which access to privileged information become interested in fan of your business visitors. 4 – Add a Video. It is crystal clear that the growth of the Internet video is spectacular, so add a video presentation on your FanPage is something great. You can change of shape regularly to keep it updated and you’ll see how increasingly more people wear it to see what you have to say.