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Posted by on Tuesday, 30 October, 2018

Flash-games for a long time and have become part of everyone's life, one way or another connected to the Internet. No matter who you are, the child who loves to play computer games, the director of a large firm while away the time by playing in a virtual billiards or a housewife, waiting for the end of the wash. For even more analysis, hear from Angus King. But what allowed the lightning flash-games to win their place in the market of computer games? First of all, it's small size – usually flash toy takes up to one megabyte several tens of megabytes. The second – is that in the flash-games you can play right in your Internet browser, do not even need to save the game on the hard drive. Dara Khosrowshahi : the source for more info. Yes, and a platform game performance does not depend only be installed special flash-player. Hopefully, you now have no problem what to do with your spare time? Plunge into the world of flash-games and get new experiences! Mini-games: all for your entertainment. Get all the facts for a more clear viewpoint with Yitzhak Mirilashvili.

Recovering Data

Posted by on Thursday, 4 October, 2018

Now we live in this century, when the most valuable thing we have – it's information. Its loss can lead to various troubles, such as financial losses. This is because in our time, life is full of computers and other devices containing, large amounts of information. But, unfortunately, no one is safe from computer failure or other devices. RAID (Redundant Array of Inexpensive Disks – Redundant Array of Inexpensive Disks) – a way of combining multiple hard disk drives in one virtual device in order to increase speed and reliability. In most cases, RAID is used for multi-enterprise servers to store large amounts of information. At failure of the array to be blocked throughout the organization, so when you drive information recovery is the most important time for which data will be restored to the RAID. We understand the criticality of the situation and for this we offer such service as RAID recovery around the clock.

Here we will not give any recommendations on the restoration of RAID arrays. From my own experience, we know that any attempt to recreate the RAID non-specialists in this area do not know the intricacies of organizing arrays, end fatal destruction of data RAID. We only note that according to our statistics, the reasons for failure of the RAID arrays are divided into three groups: 1. Excess levels of reliability of the array. In most cases, the arrays used in a redundant drive in case of failure of one disk array continues to operate, but requires replacement of defective components.

As practice shows, often replacing a failed disk is done and after a second drive failure, RAID array fails. 2. Incorrect reconfigure the array when replacing a failed drive. In this case, different implementation options, but the essence is the same, the failed drive is replaced with a serviceable, and then rebuilding the array is that in most cases involves mashing primary sectors array and leads to loss of information. 3. Failure of the array controller. On RAID controllers do not have a single standard, even the controllers of the same company may differ significantly from each other. At failure of RAID controller very often impossible to find a similar controller to re-assemble it on the array. Moreover, all disks can be serviceable, but the data recovery process is similar to recovery from a failed array. We of course, fully aware that partial or complete loss of data from a RAID array – it is always a serious stress for any company. In many areas require manipulation of large data sets, and if you lose access to the company can suffer serious financial loss, or just be on the brink of ruin. In such cases, companies have lost data to restore the files, "a matter of life and death." Do not despair! The main activity of our company – Data recovery from RAID-arrays. Contact us, we guarantee the excellent quality of work performed and complete privacy, the restored information. For urgent order to restore the RAID, call (495) 772-45-95 or send an email to company BVG Group

Program Page Promoter

Posted by on Thursday, 29 March, 2018

It is a question as to satisfy the individual needs of the client (the ability to get from daily to monthly report, reporting on necessary, strictly inferred profile, their regular correction) as well as on general issues of service (response to a query at any level within 24 hours, a personal manager, customer support in real time). From a practical point of view we should say that, first, getting a personal disposal package “Site statistics”, you are paying for statistics only once. You’ll never have to “stand in line” to change providers, make monthly service fee. You get full independence from the “vagaries of the financial” paid counters of the monopoly. Secondly, all registered users NetPromoter have a 25% discount on the purchase of the package. Finally, in the best traditions of all the updates, as well as its subsequent versions will be provided free of charge. Now let’s try to summarize. For the first time in the Russian market has developed and provided software software that can satisfy all user needs in a professional statistics: accuracy in the collection of baseline data, virtually unlimited opportunities for individual preferences and how Consequently, the maximum possible amount of information about visitors for further analysis and application.

And most importantly, professional support. You will not be left alone with your problems – you are entitled to receive timely answers to emerging problems and issues. Would such a unique tool in the market panacea stat services Runet? Yes and no. The thing is that the issues of statistical data analysis should be dealt with professionals, not ordinary users. Of course, it can not afford much more. However, for those who have a serious online business, the best solution is not there. As the successful five-year experience of the company NetPromoter, namely This approach allows us to speak not about the supposed, but on the practical success in the development process and the formation of any professional online project.

By the way, the company announced NetPromoter competition for the best suggestion for improving feature package “Site statistics”. We invite everyone to take an active part in the discussion – all your comments and suggestions will be considered in the next release. How this was done by Program Page Promoter, you can look at the following link:. In terms of the competition are available on the website NetPromoter, as well as on the forums and Prize to the winner of company “MebelMag.


Posted by on Wednesday, 13 July, 2016

Autorun.inf virus is involved with the file autorun.inf, which has a code, which in turn runs executable programs on a flash drive. These executive programs and a virus. Autorun.inf file starts automatically, so it can run anything you wish. Avtoran virus is very common in the media. But there is a good way to deal with it. Programmers have come up with a very clever and interesting method of solving this problem. This method is that it is necessary to create a folder autorun.inf. The operating system does not allow to create files and folders with similar names.

Therefore, if there is a folder autorun.inf, then the file will be created with this name is no longer able to. But on this problem is not solved, as there are "smart" viruses, which can simply delete your new folder and burn your file autorun.inf. But you can create undeletable folder autorun.inf and then even if your flash drive will be viruses, they still will not cause harm because they can not run. There are two methods to create undeletable folders: 1. You create a folder on a flash drive autorun.inf, start a command prompt and enter a the following text: md letter drive: autorun.inf ame .. and press Enter. 2. You create batovsky file, copy it to a stick and run it – "Channel This method works on all 100% (I personally tested it). You can make this folder hidden, and then if you insert your flash drive will be not hidden, then viruses have already tried to uninstall it because when you try to delete the attribute secrecy goes, so you can check your flash drive for viruses and remove them. The method is very effective.

Acer Laptop Repair

Posted by on Sunday, 6 November, 2011

Today, more and more masters and amateurs are able to give an advantage to the technique of mobile equipment permanently located in one place. Even though that the stationary technique, traditionally, may have more significant technical indicators. Yet try to get users of mobile phones go to the most convenient and fashionable neportativny! This is generally not feasible, as the most important superiority of portable equipment that is constantly with you there. The same can touch and electronic equipment. Notebook – a chance to constantly stay in touch with others with a comprehensive package of options present. Therefore, one from the list of fairly relevant issues in any position is considered to repair laptop asus, repair and effective, while in the short term.

But sometimes the owners of netbooks is not very well aware of what dates may think short-lived. And by the way with a little break can be quite a few hours to find and fix the problem. Most importantly – it does not start the disease in such a degree that was necessary, that could be called an absolute computer resuscitation. In such an embodiment, repairing laptops are not really becomes problematic or frayed nerves for your, nor for the purse. Each laptop repair, as well as whatever electronic apparatus is formed of two main periods. The first of these – the definition of the problem, follow-up – repair immediately. In severe breakdowns in the state including the need to completely disassemble device to diagnose the hidden details. Each of these steps take time.

However, the diagnosis often can take from two to three minutes (the specialist may be able to find a breakdown on the basis of According to the owner of the damage) up to several hours, whereas in order to precisely fix the notebook, you will need a few hours to two to three weeks. It is important to repair a laptop acer in Moscow was doing really specialist in the industry not only computer hardware in general, and certain models of laptops. Plus everything else, in order to perform an initial inspection failure at times quite insignificant knowledge and skills of a specialist in person, but for a comprehensive inspection and correction to special equipment. And not necessarily is mobile, that is still correct to send the laptop to the shop, where tested, and he repairs done in a much more appropriate for the conditions. However, choosing a repair shop, where you give your own notebook, correct to use the recommendations of their friends, previously faced with similar issues. If you step on this path for the first time, it is best to choose a small firm is not in the nearest doorway, and a major corporation, which deals with just repairing laptops. In this way, you will almost certainly get a high level of service as larger organizations cherish his own reputation. And your laptop in a short time to return to duty.