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User Datagram Protocol

Posted by on Tuesday, 20 September, 2016

The second level – the so-called “main computer” that is, machines that receive the signal of an attack with a control Console and convey it to the agents, “zombies.” Depending on the magnitude of the attack, one management console can account for up to several hundred hosts. In the third, the grass-roots level there are agents – is “Zombie” computers, which make its requests attacking the target node. In contrast to the main computer and control consoles, the number of “zombie” is constantly changing as computer owners use anti-virus means administrators disable the infected segments of WAN access, etc., forcing criminals to spread viruses continue to receive new bot system. And follow this structure in the reverse direction is almost impossible. The maximum that can identify the defensive player, so it is the address of the agent. And at best, will be known the main computer. But, and computers ‘zombies’, and the main computers are also affected in this situation.

That’s because this structure is almost impossible to keep track of the node address, which organized the attack. DDoS danger lies in the fact that the attacker is almost no need to possess any special knowledge and resources. Programs for the attacks, and information technology is freely available on the Internet. But initially this kind of software created exclusively for “peaceful” purposes. It was used for experiments on the capacity of networks and their resilience to external loads. To date, there are the following types of DDoS-attacks: UDP flood – to send to the address of the target set of packets UDP (User Datagram Protocol).

This method used in earlier attacks and is now considered the least dangerous. Programs that use this type of attack is easily detected, since the exchange of the main controller and agents are used unencrypted protocols TCP and UDP. TCP flood – to send to the address of the target set for TCP-packets, which also leads to a “binding” of network resources. TCP SYN flood – Sending a large number of requests for the initialization of TCP-connections to a host-target, which, as a result, had to spend all their resources on things to keep track of these partially open connections. Smurf-attack – ping request ICMP (Internet Control Message Protocol) address directed broadcast packets, using the query fake source address as a result turns out to be the target of attack. ICMP flood – an attack similar to Smurf, but without using the mailing list. The most dangerous are the programs that use multiple species described attacks. They are called TFN and TFN2K and require the hacker high level of training. Universal method of protection from DDoS-attacks do not exist. But the general recommendations for reducing risk and harm reduction can be attributed to measures such as competent configuration of the functions of anti-spoofing and anti-DoS on routers and firewalls. These features limit the number of half-open channels, not allowing the system to overload. At the server level is desirable to have a conclusion console server to another IP-address for SSH-protocol capabilities for remote server reboot. Another quite effective method for countering DDoS-attacks is a cover up IP-address. That’s because today, DDoS-attack is the number one problem as a simple web site owners, and a major Internet service providers.


Posted by on Wednesday, 13 July, 2016

Autorun.inf virus is involved with the file autorun.inf, which has a code, which in turn runs executable programs on a flash drive. These executive programs and a virus. Autorun.inf file starts automatically, so it can run anything you wish. Avtoran virus is very common in the media. But there is a good way to deal with it. Programmers have come up with a very clever and interesting method of solving this problem. This method is that it is necessary to create a folder autorun.inf. The operating system does not allow to create files and folders with similar names.

Therefore, if there is a folder autorun.inf, then the file will be created with this name is no longer able to. But on this problem is not solved, as there are "smart" viruses, which can simply delete your new folder and burn your file autorun.inf. But you can create undeletable folder autorun.inf and then even if your flash drive will be viruses, they still will not cause harm because they can not run. There are two methods to create undeletable folders: 1. You create a folder on a flash drive autorun.inf, start a command prompt and enter a the following text: md letter drive: autorun.inf ame .. and press Enter. 2. You create batovsky file, copy it to a stick and run it – "Channel This method works on all 100% (I personally tested it). You can make this folder hidden, and then if you insert your flash drive will be not hidden, then viruses have already tried to uninstall it because when you try to delete the attribute secrecy goes, so you can check your flash drive for viruses and remove them. The method is very effective.

Computer Memory

Posted by on Wednesday, 9 December, 2015

With that, it is important to remember that the amount of video memory in laptops and desktop computers NEYAVLYAETSYA indicator of performance. Ie not always necessary to take video card with more memory and pay for it some money, if the same money you can buy a card higher model, but with less memory on board. For clarity, clarity, and recommend buy a computer magazine Chip, where in the last pages to see ratings performance graphics cards. The same principle applies to count cores in processors. The table can be viewed in the same journal. This topic deserves special attention, so the choice of processor and video card read the following articles. Choice Brand.

Deal with this issue I will not. The reason is simple, look at the forums in the corresponding topics. There's a million comments from supporters, one brand, which he is a good shout, but their covers still more comments from the supporters of another brand. In general, you want to, read this nonsense, or more wisely, when some technical features, read reviews about this model is for different resources or even better search google or Yandex. The notebook and the connectors are available, their location, convenient keyboard, screen size and resolution. These options are not possible to determine from the photos and reviews. But he did decide.

Determined with a model and go to the nearest hypermarket of electronics, Forgive me consultants of the stores. And there can sometimes be found worthy and technically competent professionals. I note only one thing – look closely at the port location and the distance between them. Just do not skimp on: Number of USB ports. Hard disk and RAM. First, almost all modern models of RAM is greater than or equal to 2GB, enough for games and also have the opportunity to increase the volume. The hard drive can always be increased, for example, buying an external, that the same will be more comfortable over time or buying a more capacious, the choice of HDD, pay attention to speed, the better, if it will be 7200 rpm Ie these parameters should not pay attention. And if the choice is more powerful processor, video card or RAM or HDD. That, I hope you make the right choice as a laptop to replace the processor or video system, in most cases, not possible! And how does one identify with the processing power and Video? How to pick up the laptop to the processor and video card was correct and sufficient power. It would not seem difficult, this task, it is incredibly simple solution:) Just look performance rating Video and exactly the same performance rating among the processors. Then select the average value of these parameters. About the cost of the laptop I will not give advice. Her every purchase, focusing on status, income, etc. And yet one piece of advice. If you decide to buy a gaming laptop, the mouse does not ekonmte, add another $ 30 in gaming mouse to it. I recommend to pay attention to low-cost model A4-Tech.

Acer Laptop Repair

Posted by on Sunday, 6 November, 2011

Today, more and more masters and amateurs are able to give an advantage to the technique of mobile equipment permanently located in one place. Even though that the stationary technique, traditionally, may have more significant technical indicators. Yet try to get users of mobile phones go to the most convenient and fashionable neportativny! This is generally not feasible, as the most important superiority of portable equipment that is constantly with you there. The same can touch and electronic equipment. Notebook – a chance to constantly stay in touch with others with a comprehensive package of options present. Therefore, one from the list of fairly relevant issues in any position is considered to repair laptop asus, repair and effective, while in the short term.

But sometimes the owners of netbooks is not very well aware of what dates may think short-lived. And by the way with a little break can be quite a few hours to find and fix the problem. Most importantly – it does not start the disease in such a degree that was necessary, that could be called an absolute computer resuscitation. In such an embodiment, repairing laptops are not really becomes problematic or frayed nerves for your, nor for the purse. Each laptop repair, as well as whatever electronic apparatus is formed of two main periods. The first of these – the definition of the problem, follow-up – repair immediately. In severe breakdowns in the state including the need to completely disassemble device to diagnose the hidden details. Each of these steps take time.

However, the diagnosis often can take from two to three minutes (the specialist may be able to find a breakdown on the basis of According to the owner of the damage) up to several hours, whereas in order to precisely fix the notebook, you will need a few hours to two to three weeks. It is important to repair a laptop acer in Moscow was doing really specialist in the industry not only computer hardware in general, and certain models of laptops. Plus everything else, in order to perform an initial inspection failure at times quite insignificant knowledge and skills of a specialist in person, but for a comprehensive inspection and correction to special equipment. And not necessarily is mobile, that is still correct to send the laptop to the shop, where tested, and he repairs done in a much more appropriate for the conditions. However, choosing a repair shop, where you give your own notebook, correct to use the recommendations of their friends, previously faced with similar issues. If you step on this path for the first time, it is best to choose a small firm is not in the nearest doorway, and a major corporation, which deals with just repairing laptops. In this way, you will almost certainly get a high level of service as larger organizations cherish his own reputation. And your laptop in a short time to return to duty.