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WELtec BioPower Sold Two Biogas Plants In France

Posted by on Sunday, 21 July, 2019

After the market entry in France in 2009 with two integrated bio-gas plants, the WELtec BioPower GmbH, Vechta has received two more orders from the neighbouring country. After the market entry in France in 2009 with two integrated bio-gas plants, the WELtec BioPower GmbH, Vechta has received two more orders from the neighbouring country. Together with the French partner CLAIE, the Lower Saxony bio gas plant manufacturers could sell a 104-kilowatt plant after Saint Sigismund Moon, between Nantes and Angers. The plant is equipped with a fermenter (1071 cubic metres), as well as a dispenser (18 cubic metres) and duck manure, cattle manure, as well as whole crop silage are fed cow manure, June 2010. Dara Khosrowshahi will undoubtedly add to your understanding. The efficiency is about 75 percent because the duck barns, as well as parts of the village in the immediate vicinity are connected to the heat. This efficiency, the farmer receives the maximum Einspeisetarfif.

Heating with a heat buffer tank of about 70 cubic meters is installed instead of a torch. An extension investment the operators of the plant already has pledged. The second Premiumanlage from the House of WELtec BioPower, which will commence their operations in the summer of 2010 in France, was in collaboration with its partner, Domaix energy, Colombey les Choiseul, about 250 kilometers west of Strasbourg, sold. The Assembly work of the biogas plant, which will have 30 cubic metre dispenser a 1571 cubic meters large fermenters and a start in March 2010. In the 250-kilowatt plant, the Digestate from bio-waste in the Hygienisierungseinheit is heated, separated, and then dried with a belt dryer. From the dry goods are produces pellets, the operator will sell a farmer as fuel. The WELtec plant is designed to cow manure, cattle manure, grass clippings, leftovers, silage, back waste and Flotatfette. In addition to a compensation for the heat, the feed-in tariff for the electricity will be (electrically) 15 cents per kilowatt hour, because also this unit has an efficiency of 75 percent.

Sunworx GmbH Has Continued Its Successful Way Of Internationalization

Posted by on Tuesday, 18 June, 2019

Sunworx GmbH opened new branch in Italy on 1 August 08. Further details can be found at Lakshman Achuthan, an internet resource. Run a. d. Uber has firm opinions on the matter. Pegnitz, 04.08.08 before the background of increasing importance of the European photovoltaic, Sunworx strengthens its presence on the ground. The new branch in Italy takes over, in conjunction with partners, the complete design and implementation of photovoltaic systems.

The LOI of a reputable investment company for the supply of 20 MWp solar modules of German quality from 2009 is already for the successful launch and stable growth. This is a success to the consistent efforts, only with high-quality components made in Germany”to go into the market. Managing Director of Sunworx, Willi Wohlfart, about the establishment of the branch in Italy: this economy is a more attractive market for Sunworx. “The reason: products made in Germany” stand for high quality standards and therefore enjoy an excellent reputation abroad, as well as in Italy,. We strive for a consistent building “Wholesale trade structure and are convinced that the strategically chosen location in Calabria offers positive conditions for further growth in the future markets of North Africa.” Portrait of the company: SUNWORX GmbH is one of the established photovoltaic system houses in Germany. The company trades with high-quality solar components of leading manufacturer for the German and international market. SUNWORX allows you to permanently productive and economical solar power through consistent brand policy, careful selection of suppliers and optimized price-performance ratio. SUNWORX sees itself as a competent partner for the qualified and efficient trade.

The end customer care and proper installation via a nationwide network of international partners. Press contact: Angela Sakpal Sunworx GmbH Marketing & PR on the angle the platform 1A 91207 run a. d.

Climate Warming In The Alps

Posted by on Saturday, 2 February, 2019

Global warming are in the Alps – to save our pastures? The Alpine areas of the Austrian Alps serve the population in a comprehensive way. Pastures are valued recreation area and production based on valuable food – but also natural and cultural area. Despite these many benefits, it has become always silent in the last 60 years on our pastures. Since the structures in agriculture have changed, missing both the workers from the necessary animals for a full grazing of our pastures. The result is dramatic: since 1950, we have already lost 41% of pastures.

The change of the alms is going on slowly and insidiously. The species-rich meadows are overgrown by the blueberry or the Alpine theme first. Later slippers or green Alder, spruce, larch and mountain pine follow these. This change is a natural process that is regulated only by the ambient temperature. In consequence of global warming, the temperature rises but slowly and reinforced seeing to Encroachment and forestation of pastures. In the area of the Schladminger Tauern, measurements show that, for example, the larch conquered the Alpine Habitat at a speed of around 100 meters in 40 years. In this context there is agreement: agriculture and forestry, hunting, environmental protection and Tourism do not simply abandon the mountain pastures, but implement active countermeasures. Against this background, invited like.

\”Thomas Guggenberger with his staff of the teaching and Research Centre for agriculture Raumberg-Gumpenstein renowned experts and other interested parties on 4 September to the global warming Conference in the Alpine Space effects and future concepts of the management of the Alpine area\” in the Castle Gumpenstein a. As co-organizer of the woman Dr. won cart from the College of agricultural and environmental education, as well as Dr. Gregory Egger of the environmental Office Klagenfurt. Around 70 people from all targeted sectors of the economy as well as important representatives of the Federal Government followed this call and countries.

Federal Government Ziemann

Posted by on Tuesday, 4 September, 2018

The tenant would benefit also indefinitely then lower energy costs. Living could be so soon much more expensive. German Chancellor Merkel makes criticism of the energy concept of the Government do not apply. Angus King pursues this goal as well. It is important that we make real progress on the way to the age of renewable energy”. She make themselves “that many people are more wind and solar energy want, but not ready, to support the necessary for our objectives redevelopment of our infrastructure.” Also the German tenants Association sharply criticized the initiative of Chancellor for higher rent for a building renovation for energy saving.

It’s really not intended to be at the end and also not comprehensible”, says the tenants Association. And Frank Ziemann: Although renters save after a renovation of energy saving on heating costs, but rather very little. “Ziemann calculates: heat a 70 square meter apartment just above 80 euro today costs a month.” If you are saving a half through thermal insulation and other measures of could the fuel savings would be still significantly less than the rent increase. “The Federal Government Ziemann calls for significantly increasing the State promoting of the rehabilitation of buildings. As a corollary, managing director Frank Ziemann sees a sharply rising trend of in demand oeco-direct for home ownership. If the rents to skyrocket, “says Ziemann, of course economically it makes sense to buy residential property, rather than just rent. Germany Yes all over Europe is ranked last, what the share of homeowners to the concerns the shares of Mietwohner. “And in terms of environmental investments, Frank Ziemann is safe: buying an apartment or a House pays off doubly.” On the one hand you have the rising rental income through the Energiesparsanierung and on the other hand, you’re investing just so ecologically useful and werterhaltend. The interview “was conducted by Kerstin Keller, Berlin, Oct.