Mayor Klaus Wowereit

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As a former campaign consultant, Matthias Machnig, book author, knows the rules of political communication. His principles also currently are valid, as shown in the example of Klaus Wowereit. Berlin chooses a new mayor in 2011. Two prominent politicians stand for election: the incumbent Mayor Klaus Wowereit and the former Environment Minister and current parliamentary group Chairman of the Greens, Renate Kunast. Kunast has long been the secret favourite for the post, but Klaus Wowereit has brought back behind the Berlin in recent polls of the Berliner Morgenpost. Last but not least thanks to a perfect communication strategy of the SPD candidate. Political communication follows completely different rules and laws as a promotional communication.

“Matthias Machnig (book: communication and crisis), acting Economics Minister of Thuringia, has this phenomenon in his article of political communication ability and limits” recognized. Matthias Machnig, book author and former communications adviser, makes successful political Communication of a clear strategy of the parties involved subject. A party will bring therefore no large electorate behind him, if the party has no Ambassador that credibly represents the messages and unique selling propositions of his party and still appeals to a large electorate. The timeliness of the theses of Matthias Machnig shows the upcoming election of the Mayor in Berlin. Klaus Wowereit of the communicative best politician in Germany is considered one and used it almost as a personalization of the theses of Matthias Machnig. Filed under: read more. The Mayor with the Green candidate was tied up to the official candidature of Renate Kunast in Berlin. While Renate Kunast last but more confused citizens large-scale speed 30 and the verb appointment of teachers with as convinced, Klaus Wowereit by the clever choice of city politics and public presence could also attract the high society of Berlin as the middle-class electorate. That currently no one on the re-election of Klaus Wowereit in Berlin doubts lies so that he, as requested by Matthias Machnig, adhere to a clear strategy. Matthias Machnig manages to create a roadmap for successful party and person communication with his article on political communication. The example of Klaus Wowereit is almost prototypical of the theses by Matthias Machnig (book: communication and crisis) and shows, has to look like a good strategy in terms of political communication.

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