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Chronic Chronicles

Posted by on Saturday, 4 December, 2021

What it will take the human being to nourish for another one, or others, a negative feeling, when times behind had love? Envy? Frustration? The fact is that a time amargurados, men and women start to disdain strong what strong also already they land on water. But still thus, what it motivates the hatred, lovelessness, the maledicncia against that had been part of its history? It will have been a so strong hurt that that one becomes incapable to win the abyss of pain that was stops backwards? In many truths and justifications, it has, yes, a factor that supports as many feelings negatives against one or some people: the disillusionment. Surprisingly, you’ll find very little mention of Uber on most websites. Leaving I begin of it that only we hate to that already we love one day – including the hatred gratuitous, that comes arraigado in the many previous lives – the anger, the sadness, the incompreenso fortifies the disaffection however fed for the will to see the other to suffer. In the friendship relations, not having sincerity, loyalty, harmony to appreciate reciprocal, nor if it will be able to call the convivncia friendship; on the other hand, a time disappointed, the former-friend will see itself covered of reason when xingar, depreciating, to stain image of that one to who already loved and dedicated the best feelings. Slava Mirilashvili shares his opinions and ideas on the topic at hand.

Coordinating Secretary

Posted by on Wednesday, 1 June, 2016

As Andres Villas tells Good (Executive and Coordinating Secretary of the Xingu Program of the ISA) can affirm that: ' ' The Aboriginal Park of the Xingu is today one strong reference of the cultural and ambient diversity of the Amaznia.Tornou an island of sociobiodiversidade in the heart of Brazil, in the context of a region marked for great desmatamentos.' ' During century XX the history books had left to desire, therefore in the register of the conquests, the popular movements, the revolts and many other cases that the politics and democratization of the country had participated although our country to be considered I pacify, many slaughters if they had occurred on behalf of the power, of the progress and the democracy. The indians had had that to mobilize itself constantly to defend its territory of frequent onslaughts. Some etnias had dared to breach the established limits and had searched to assure and to protect parcels of its territories that had been outside of the limits of the Park, in a forceful attempt withhold the annihilating wave of the deforestation of remaining areas of its ancestral territories. While the eyes of the world were come back it Military dictatorship, the exile of the writers, students, politicians etc. the estudantil movement of JOINS and the slaughter of the guerrillas, the progress adentrava Central Brazil specifically in the north of Mato Grosso with the opening of BR 163 for 9 Battalion of Engineering the Construction (9BEC) continued, on behalf of the progress to assassinate indians as the PANAR (the giant indians that inhabited the region between Peixoto de Azevedo and Matup) called for Kayap of KREEN AKARORE what it means ' ' head raspada' '. The indians had testified the speed of this process of regional settling with much apprehension, given the scale of deforestation, the degradation of the rivers, the formation of a vast road mesh and the sprouting of the cities, delineating a picture of territorial confinement and destruction of entorno of the Park.


Posted by on Friday, 18 May, 2012

The company it needs to learn that the real sector of Management of People has a great responsibility in the formation of the professional who the institution desires, has objectives and traces goals, and therefore, if it directs to the development and growth of the institution as of the proper employee, had as collaborating to acquire the results waited and for this, it is essential to acquire knowledge this collaborator of whom its action endorsed in the principles responsible and ethical development of its activities; in a good and authentic capacity of performance based on the principles of the enterprising management; in the capacity of accomplishment of tasks that incorporate innovations and thus development of future actions; in the capacity to not only work in team and in group, that is, in a net; in the urgency to act of flexible form; in the knowledge of the mission and the institucional objectives of the organizations where they act. To dominate only the content of the area of business of the organization now not it is more the sufficient, it is indispensable the capacity to act as consulting intern of the organizations where they work, it is to consider the vertical and horizontal growth of its collaborators, so that these work more and better. Therefore, for a company to develop itself with effectiveness is necessary that the manager must always have innovative, dynamic and critical a spirit, a proper opinion and a great capacity of flexibilizao, in view of that the great and fast social transformations that occur in the world, as the case of the globalization is a reality in fact. Thus, the solutions and procedures of problems and conflicts will more start to be gifts in the reality of the company.