Supreme Court Soybeans

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But they cannot impose a decision for a small group of producers who want to carry an excessive profitability, said the Minister of the Interior of Argentina, Florencio Randazzo. The Minister noted that the Government of Cristina Fernandez already took all the decisions that had to be taken in this conflict and considered rural producers must have much silver to protest for 90 days. Be present, which the new system of mobile retentions establishes that the higher is the value of soybean FOB (Free on the Board – free above the boat), more will be the increase in retentions. I.e. the more rises to the FOB value of the soybean, the resulting dispossession will grow proportionally.Even with lower FOB values to U$ D 600 is a handmade unarmed assault, an abusive confiscation and a blatant dispossession. This new level of retention is, purely and simply, a nationalization of our agricultural production.Some examples of the tablita: soybeans to FOB U$ S 520; retention of the 44.2%soja to FOB U$ S 600, the 49.3%soja to FOB U$ S 700 retention; retention of 55.9% soybeans to FOB U$ S 800; retention of 61% soybeans to FOB U$ S 900; 65% retention soybeans to U$ S 1000 FOB; 68% retention in the hypothetical case that soybeans exceeds U$ S 1500/Ton. FOB price to producer would be u $S 350. Exactly the same thing that closed the day Friday 7 March soybean.

Something absolutely impossible since the current price it should triple as indicates Emilo Nazar, the Government is embretado and without output by its own action. The majority in Congress is official, and is therefore in possession roll back the problem of deductions to the month of March 2008, or insist on measures taken. Or: the responsibility of the Executive authority, will join the legislative in complicity. And when they confirm the withholdings, may go to the Supreme Court, with identical predictable results if the institutions are not in discussion, what institutional crisis we are talking about! What coup speak, if there is no one to do so in the midst of so many anarchic claims? Therefore, if the institutions are not in discussion, what is in question are persons who hold institutional positions. To that point that will be all. He is added, that the successive coups, whether institutional or not, are the best proof that the Constitution didn’t ever, what doesn’t at present, and that if this is projected into the future, the outcome is predictable. Depending on what you are, there is an institutional crisis, nor the current state with its legal structure is questioned. Only officials in exercise of power, and some sectoral measures provided by them.

It reminds us of the spectator. com, which the Act made 18 of the present Government in the Plaza de Mayo crispo rural guilds, which were defined by President Cristina Fernandez as four people whom nobody voted. Thus, unemployment continues and begins the lobby of Government and opposition to speed up the treatment of the controversial project by withholding at the Congress. Meanwhile, says that the Government is preparing increases in tax, but now in the area of financial income, something that is taken as a kind of punishment to the middle class.

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