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Subscription The subscription or subscription is a business model that was initially used and promoted by magazines and newspapers, and is now also used by many types of businesses and websites. Rather than selling products individually, with a subscription is sold intermittently in varying periods (monthly, annually or seasonally) consumption of a product or access to a service also. This form of trading has proved effective in cases where a single sale into a sale becomes repetitive, you can create some loyalty toward a brand and that ends up being useful for tracking a user subscribed to or cancel your registration. The renewal of a subscription may be periodic and activated automatically, so that the cost of a new subscription price paid for a pre-authorized cr card or checking account, and without user intervention.Among the industries that use this method are commercially available readers clubs, telephone companies, providers of cable television, mobile phone companies, internet providers, TV channels of pay per view, software vendors, firms financial services, fitness centers and the pharmaceutical industry, as well as traditional newspapers and magazines.


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