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The rank of approval according to social layer goes from 64.9% for the layer of majors income to 34.5% for lower social layer. -Financial.html’>Financial Solutions Lab. The message of these two answers shows clearly the questioning the government who exists from the politician. The government has not known to suitably treat highly sensitive subjects for the population and it has generated great resistance that have arrived at the end in the facts happened in the month of June. s-revolution’>Charles Schwab. The social conflicts of the last time also have been reflected in the vision of the survey ones. Only 21.3% of the survey ones see the present political situation like stable. A 57.3% see stable and a 21.2% little it nothing stable.

The level of instability of the political situation perceived by the survey ones increases as it lowers in the social layer, arriving at that only 9.1% of the population of smaller income see the political situation like stable. As far as the perspective ones on the social situation, 34.5% think that the political situation will be worse. In July of the 2008 34.7% of the survey ones anticipated a deterioration of the political situation reason why the present percentage does not represent worsening of the negative vision. The social malaise of the population has been made feel every time with more force. Most showy it is than the protests increase at the same time as the situation of the economy is improving (although it has not made it in the last months product of international the financial crisis).

Although it has increased the level of inequality, also it is certain that the poverty level is handicapped. In relation to previous, the relief sample that 58.3% of the survey ones consider that there was political manipulation in the social protests and that the same have not been spontaneous. Clear that if we watched the survey after social layer, poorest, than more likely they have participated in these protests, they consider in a 50% that the same have been spontaneous, whereas about the other end of the social layers, richest they think that in a 72.3% they responded to political manipulation.

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