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When choosing windows should be aware that their quality is determined by such components as the profile, fittings, sealing glass or glass. An important factor on which depends the life of the windows, – Professional installation and setup. According to a study by an American corporation Bank of America Home Equity and the National Association of Home Builders U.S., the average lifespan of windows from 15 to 30 years. Aluminium windows able to withstand about 15 years, wood – not more than 30. Several decades ago, an alternative to wooden frames were not, but today there are windows made of PVC-profile life that can reach 40 or more years. For example, life Profile proplex is over 60. Manufacture of such a profile deals Russia's largest producer of pvc window-profile of Austrian technologies – Group propleks.

To determine the lifetime of the windows used the device "Ksenotest, imitating different weather conditions: all kinds of precipitation, temperature, humidity fluctuations, ultraviolet radiation, etc. During the two-week test sample is exposed, plastic window which stands for a lifetime. In this case, plastic is suitable for installation in all climatic conditions. Thus, the test profile proplex held at a temperature of -55 C. In reality, the window of the product already few years have been successfully used in the Far North, where the temperature is and below. Conclusion In the past few years the rate of construction of country houses and cottages have acquired an unprecedented scale – the "construction boom" in Russia does not say except that lazy. Nevertheless, the construction of his house that is guaranteed will stand for decades, still remains a challenge.

Experts identify three major errors that adversely affect on the durability of the structure. This is, first of all, mistakes and errors made in the design phase. The second common mistake is associated with the construction of substandard materials and designs. and The third factor – poor knowledge of implementing construction techniques. The reason for all these errors is almost unanimously recognized as an unprofessional approach. This means that the house – so he could move through the generations – a better to professionals. Press Service of the Group PROPLEKS

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