Other Duties (Art.171)

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Other Duties (Art.171) a. Enact, amend and repeal laws b.Aprobar, amend or reject, not later than thirty days before becoming effective, the Budget of State Revenues and Expenditures. The executive must submit the proposed budget to Congress hundred and twenty days prior bakery in to the date on which begins the fiscal year. If at the beginning of the fiscal year, the budget has not been approved by the Congress, govern the budget wedding cake back cupcake into effect in the previous year, which may be modified or adjusted by Congress c. Regular and special levy taxes according to state pastry needs and determine the basis for its recovery d. Approve or disapprove annually, in whole or in part, following an inquiry by the Government Accounting Office, detail and justification of all income and expenditure of public finances, to report to the executive over the cakes previous fiscal year e. Decree public honors by major service to the nation.In no case be birthday cakes granted to the President or Vice President during sandwiches the period of bread his government, baker or any pastries other officer in the exercise of wedding cakes his office f. Declaring war and approve or disapprove the treaty of peace, g. Declare amnesty for political crimes and related common when required by public convenience h. Set the characteristics birthday cake of the coin, with opinion of the Monetary Board i. Contract, conversion, consolidation or other operations relating to internal or external public debt. In all cases must be heard in cookies advance the views of the Executive and the Monetary Board, for the Executive, the Central Bank or any other entity is cupcakes able to conclude negotiations of loans or other forms of debt, inside or outside, will prior approval of Congress and to issue bonds of all kinds j.Approve or disapprove bills on the state claims for disallowed claims, are brought to its attention by the executive and foreign to draw special payment or amortization. Ensure that you are properly Pagad claims against the state and its institutions from court convictions k. To declare, at the request of the executive branch, repair or compensation for international claim, when non-recourse to international arbitration or trial l. Approve, prior to ratification of treaties, conventions or other international arrangements when: 1. “Connie’s Bakery” – A bakery founded by

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