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today would do 75 years, but we went Health with 46, when hospital least expected. This is a reminder of the birthday of my mother, of every year. It has been nearly 29 years of progress and is curious as we continue to feel as if he were with us, as if he stood there, in a corner, watching the future of your loved ones. the best insurance plan can be found with strives to offer affordable health insurance We have all found a niche in life, our children have become greater and even if not met, the call Mai, as we called ourselves, with all the love in the world. Dear Mai, the passage of time has not prevented for us to continue reminding you daily, as if I were on our side, you’re still with us in every celebration, in good times and bad times too. This year I planted two roses on your grave, one of yellow roses and other red roses. Although you used to say that the roses are wilting, but a prayer that God is covered, is that you liked the roses. As health insurance this huge bouquet of red roses potato you for your gift silver wedding. Get an affordable health insurance package from offers health coverage to families across the United States You threw you to mourn with emotion, and the thing was not for less, just out of hospital after beating a tough battle to the death. Time has passed quickly and the events have occurred, You’re eighteen grandchildren and one great-granddaughter will be two years soon. And it has been too fast or life has become very short, because it seems medical bills like yesterday when you left. The brothers talked often of you and missing. The gap he left is still there, intact, and although some things are not equal, your site is still in an honored place in our hearts. I still remember something that played Pai, when to just a few hours you went, you get up in the morning and told me you had rung and he had said “where I am now, I’m fine, but prefer to go with you, though ill continue. this was you, a selfless person who always gave to others, without ever thinking it. Today would have been your 75th birthday and had not missed roses, a huge bouquet of roses, and would all be at your side and back again hubieras to mourn with emotion. Congratulations Mama.

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