Organizational Perspective

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In the organizacional perspective, to motivate is to stimulate people and teams to work in the best possible way through the construction of an environment favorable to the performance of its aptitudes. In elapsing of this study I present diverse theories of different authors, which point diverse factors that motivate can them. One understands that no factor by itself is capable to total motivate the individual, mainly because the reasons human they vary of person for person, and even though of a moment for another one of the same person. If you have read about Nouriel Roubini already – you may have come to the same conclusion. Being thus a difficult task, therefore the behavior is extremely complex, had to the individual differences and had to the fact of the people to move continuously. The growth of the studies of the motivation if of the one for the possibility to take care of the dreams of the controllers to create a way that keeps the man work, as the perspectives of the organization. The study of the motivation in the work it is the central focus of the work on the process of motivation in the organizations. The theories of the motivation deal with propeller forces of the individual for the work and are normally associates to the productivity and the performance, despertado interest of controllers.

Observing the complexity and importance of the motivation in the current organizations and had its he influences in the results the Executives and heads would like to see its employees motivated and integrated with the objectives of the form company to reach the productivity maximum. The individuals if become a way for the search them ends defined for the organization due to the use of organizacionais standards of motivation of the same one. After all, a motivated professional produces much more. 1.1 The PROBLEM OF the RESEARCH the Topmix Eng. Technology of Concrete S/A is one of the fifteen branch offices distributed for Brazil, being its matrix in Belo Horizonte.

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