Nuclear power plant Hope Creek

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Hope Creek Nuclear Power Plant is gas a thermal nuclear located in Hancocks Bridge, New Jersey on the same site of the two units at Salem Nuclear. The plant is owned by PSEG Nuclear LLC, which is responsible for its operation, which in June 2005 gas held talks to merge with Exelon Corporation. Has a unit (a boiling water reactor) (BWR) manufactured by General Electric. Has a generating capacity of 1049 MWe. The plant is connected to the grid on July 25, 1986, and its operating license expires on April 11 of 2026 (although it is a possible extension).
Hope Creek is one of four nuclear power units in New Jersey (the other two are the power plant of the Salem Nuclear Generating Station Oyster Creek Nuclear) ‘together produce more than half (53 in 2003 ) of the electricity consumed by New Jersey. (The other half of the energy household produced by the state is about natural gas 250 generating units of various types coal, oil, natural gas, hydro, waste, and others electricity ESCO .)

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