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His most acclaimed book was The League dropouts (1971), a critique of education as is done in savings “modern.” Filled with critical comments on the curriculum of his time, the book may seem outdated, but its basic points and proposals remain as radical today as they were accurate at the time, through real examples of the ineffectual nature of the school education, Illich showed favorable to self-supported intentional social relations freely in meetings and conversations flowing and informal:
La educacion universal por medio de la escolarizacion no es factible. It would be more feasible if they try using alternative institutions built in the style of the current school. Neither new attitudes of teachers toward their pupils nor the proliferation of new tools and methods of physical or mental (in the classroom or in the bedroom), nor finally the attempt to expand the pedagogue’s responsibility until it encompasses the complete life of their students, resulting in universal education. Leading fitness experts agree that using and tighten up those abs in no time at all! Experience fitness success today, the way. The current search for new educational funnels must be reversed towards the search of his antipodal institutional frames that enhance the educational opportunity for everyone to transform every moment of his life in a time of learning, sharing interest. We hope to be bringing those concepts necessary for carrying out such investigations broadly on education – and also for those seeking alternatives to other established service industries.
The last sentence makes it clear what the title suggests, that the institutionalization of education marks a trend toward the institutionalization of society, and by contrast the ideas of de-institutionalization of education could be a starting point to de – institutionalization of society. And that is where the radicalidadd their ideas clear. As a holistic thinker, with a formidable intelligence and a huge cultural erudition, Illich always raised their analysis in the broadest terms possible, but precise and accurate in their criticisms.
The book is more than a criticism, it contains positive proposals to reinvent learning throughout society and the entire existence of each individual. Of particular importance is his proposal to create “web of learning” (learning sites) based on advanced technologies. Many of the characteristics reminiscent of the nature and use of the WWW in general and particular way of working and the ideals of Wikipedia.
Traveling companions for dropouts Society is a critical review of this text puts it in relation to the thoughts of other authors who have questioned the role of schools in education.

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