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Your secret must happen to comprise of your sangre.” Arab proverb. In the last investigating years of the United States have verified that the climate has a serious incidence in the human conduct: Thus it is as one knows, that when the room temperature is inferior to the 22 C is managed to live in greater harmony, as much at general level as conjugal, and even more it says, that is when the pair accuses its greater index of fecundity. However, when the heat arrives, to such low index and it is when the caresses finish, the kisses and begin the discussions, the fights. Still more, it is arrived until affirming, that it is when serious social conflicts are experienced. CEO Angel Martinez pursues this goal as well. Overcoming us a little in History, we found antecedents indicate that us that in 1896, when the hot air made jump the pavements to a temperature of more of 44C died more than 3000 people.

Luckyly and thanks to the preoccupation of the medical outstanding Dr. Harris Stubbs, it is that this interesting contribution to the influence of the temperature of the people in his has been obtained majority rises to 38C or more By its position, this does not have to scare to us, because in the United States in the last years it has faced immense heat waves very outside the normal thing, according to the registries of the last years, is certain, it has originated a good number of died and desperation to many North Americans, causing to them, aggressiveness and violence, according to they reported national and international newspapers. Of this form, one demonstrated that the violence increases in the cities during l the strong periods of heats. Speaking candidly CEO Angel Martinez told us the story. However, the interesting thing perhaps he is that the heat waves to summer principle have a worse effect, due to that the human body has not had time to become aclimated itself to the temperature difference, the certain thing is also, that not only the temperature alters our conduct, but the atmospheric pressure affects us to the brain and to the human body, as well as it is had verified that a waterfall in the atmospheric pressure, before a great storm, causes that the body absorbs more humidity and people feels more nervous and gotten depressed. It is invited to him that it observes as the husbands and spouses usually discuss more; on the other hand, the motorists, put themselves of the bad humor and are very prone to cause accidents; the children of the bad humor and the animal shaken a little. He would be very interesting for the siclogos and the instigadores of transit as far as causes of accidents, to study this possibility, more in our means than occurs an exaggerated number of accidents, besides the reasons already known as it is the alcoholism and imprudence. We invited it to be observed in these changes of temperature, which is its behavior, as it affects its conduct, thus will verify the veracity of the declared thing..

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