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The election of the ways to be used in an advertising campaign depends on the targets that if they intend to reach and on the type of message to be transmitted. Less important it is not the budget, that can determine the use of which ways will be chosen. One of the known parts cheapest and is the billboard, object studied in this article. Jim Rogers has plenty of information regarding this issue. When leading the word billboard literally, we would have the translation and definition for all and any propaganda to the outdoors. They must be considered outdoors those great urban panels in strategical places with good visibility, that measure three meters of height for nine meters of width. Outdoors had been created to be seen of far, therefore generally they be situated to some meters of areas with great movement. It is a media that needs creativity, why, beyond the bombing for this way, the brief necessary message to be presented to be, of easy and fast agreement on the part of the public-target. For being one of the first ways of spreading to be created and used, many companies adhere to this technique.

Compared with other tools, the billboard is cheap and obtains to reach a great number of people and has the advantage of, exactly that the message is not recorded conscientiously, can penetrate in the mind of the person without being perceived. The billboard, as the majority of the parts advertising executives, makes use of images. But what it is image? A definition for image would be to say that it indicates something, that takes some risks loaned of the appearance. In the truth, image can be considered everything that uses the representation direction. representation is understood for a substitution process, that, through signs, allows in them to form the absentee in the gift. According to Neiva Jnior (1986), the revolution starts with the education of the directions.

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