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Heaters at the facility should be included after the circulation of material on and off for at least 5 minutes before turning off the circulation at the end of painting. For mixing the coating components, stirring device is used, it should work in the circulation time and the coating. Preparation of material in accordance with the manufacturer's recommendations material. Application of external anticorrosion coating Painters, move the products produced in cell staining. The painter controls the chamber temperature and humidity, dew point defines, controls surface temperature products using the appropriate instruments. Measuring partings should be believed. If the product temperature above the dew point of at least 3C, it is possible to coat the surface products.

If the surface temperature of the products is lower than in 3C dew point, it produced extra heating products in the chamber. Operating modes of the coating produced in accordance with the recommendations of the manufacturers materials. Coating products made on the length of the product, at the ends are recommended for several passages in diameter. Pistol to keep at a distance of 40-50 cm from the product and move it so that the torch was perpendicular to the insulated surface. The coating on the product to produce plots in the form of bands on several passes, applied band coverage should cover the band from a previous application to 1 / 3. The coating on the product is applied in several passes. The number of passes determined by the size and shape of the product. In order to prevent adding water stains, and a coating of uniform thickness recommended 5 – 10 passages when applied to each regular band.

Number of passes depends on the experience of the painter, area coverage, nozzle diameter nozzle. Coating of articles with complex configuration should start with the most difficult areas, then move on to the rest of the surface. When applied to control the thickness of the wet layer is necessary to use the comb. In the process of coating products must be applied coating on witness samples for testing the quality of coverage. Produce the control of coating thickness using an instrument designed to measure the thickness of nonmagnetic coatings. At sites with inadequate thickness cause an extra layer of coverage. The time between applying the base layer coating and an additional layer depends on the material. If you exceed the time, before the application is necessary to make preliminary preparation of the coating. Strip off the coating surface using a grinding machine and dedusted vacuumed or cleaned with compressed air. Produce the control of coating thickness in the field application an additional layer using an instrument to measure the thickness of the coating. The pressure difference on the gauge painting installation at the time of application should be no more than 30 bar. In the case of greater pressure difference to make adjustments in according to the manual installation. Products that are installed on the stand can be removed after a certain time depending on the material properties. Quality control and acceptance of products with the outer corrosion-resistant coating provides otc manufacturer.

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