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PCW range has a successful end to take over a niche market. These computers are not sold as general purpose computers, but as word processors. They were not match for a PC or a Commodore Amiga, but compared to a typewriter, even a modern IBM Selectric or expensive equipment with a display dedicated Olivetti win wins. PCW’s display showed 32 lines of 90 characters each (256 lines of 720 pixels), which exceeded the usual 25-80A. Besides its ability to print a document while processing another, all without having to know a computer from a coma, had a generation of writers (particularly secretaries) began to manage a computer (let’s not forget that it was a compatible PC / M can handle spreadsheets or accounting), which were never motivated to use them differently.
In India many companies remained PCW teams until the 2000 introduction of the euro and the forced renewal informatico.

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